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23 December 2019 / 9:00

Young Crews Success Stories – Wrap-up

Highlighting achievements of the local Young Crews, showcasing efforts of volunteers, and inspiring other Young Crews to follow best examples – all this through sharing stories of success – these were the main objectives of the Success Stories, a new initiative launched at the beginning of this year.


IPMA Young Crew is grateful for the efforts of the applicants and their valuable contribution by sharing stories of success in 3 categories – Outstanding Project, Outstanding Process, and Outstanding Solution – with the global Young Crew community.

Here is a short retrospective of the awarded projects, processes, and solutions

Outstanding Project: Company Events in Austria


Young Crew Austria (pma Young Crew) managed to get young professionals in touch with companies, who are searching for young professionals to join their workforce. Young Crew had high numbers of participants in these events because it provided the possibility to build a network with experienced project managers, who otherwise they did not have access to. Everybody could take away knowledge from diverse ways, projects are managed in different company environments.


Outstanding Solution: IPMA Young Crew Czech Republic Afterworks

Young Crew Czech Republic (YCCZ) came up with a solution how to overcome the lack of interest in YCs activities and membership from public or universities. In small group with a limited budget they launched workshops focused on transmitting the knowledge and experience of PM professionals to young project managers by simulating real problems, using case studies or examples from praxis. This workshop format attracted new faces and became popular. Soon, YCCR built up the solid basis of attendees, future YC´s members. Thanks to these events, YCCZ community is now expanding and new projects releasing.

Outstanding Project: iPMC LATNET PERU

Young Crew Peru accepted the challenge of participating in the 1st iPMC Latnet 2018. The main challenge they faced was to capture the interest of various universities in the country. For this, it was coordinated with various associations involved in project management at the university level so that they can influence different universities and recruit teams from various regions of the country.

Thus, in the first phase of the championship an acceptance of 7 teams from 6 different universities in Peru was obtained and for the 2nd phase a case study focused on projects was developed and 5 teams participated. For YC Peru it was a great challenge to carry out this championship but the desired objectives were successfully achieved, as well as generating synergies and strategic alliances with student associations and universities; it was possible to promote the project management model based on competencies in IPMA, which was very novel and beneficial in the Peruvian project management community.

Outstanding Solution: IPMA Young Crew Poland Student’s Project

Young Crew Poland decided to involve the student community of all universities in the country for design activities. As part of the two-day workshop, a meeting is organized once a year for student organizations and scientific groups, during which students can take part in workshops and training devoted to student project management at universities, as well as creating and managing student teams, communication and integration of the student environment.

The first such meeting took place in 2018 in Warsaw, the second – in Szczecin, during which students were able to learn about the specificity and communication tools in the projects. For Young Crew Poland it is very valuable that the students participating in the workshops are eagerly becoming members of Young Crew and they are building their professional career with them.

Outstanding Process: Establishment of IPMA Young Crew Slovakia organization in Kosice

Young Crew Slovakia came up with a process of how to establish a Young Crew organization on the greenfield. YC Slovakia established a platform which is used for sharing experiences and provides incredible networking. Process activities are not only for the organization to grow but also a social responsibility program that is helping to make the region a better place where young people want to stay, want to live and want to participate with Young Crew to achieve common goals.



We cannot wait for insights into the Young Crew projects that 2019 brought to us! The call for submission of success stories will open already in January.

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