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13 February 2020 / 9:00

Young Crew 2020: Into the future

Within the scope of workshops and meetings with experts, the pma young crew 2020 discusses which competencies are expected from leaders in the future and which leadership style is suitable to create trust within (virtual) project teams.

“Von der Kunst zu führen”
What distinguishes successful managers? Does the ideal type of manager exist and if so, what qualities do we expect from him? The Young Crew wants to devote more attention to this topic in 2020. This year, answers to questions about different leadership styles and leadership models will be presented, experienced and discussed in YC workshops and discussions with experts.

Soft skills and leadership competence on the executive level
Why exactly this topic? Recently, many Young Crew members have increasingly seen blog posts and comments – especially on LinkedIn or in forums – that call for a leadership culture at eye level. One of the speakers at pma focus 2019 even pointedly said that he did not know any good managers. This may have been deliberately exaggerated, but it does contain a true core, as our observations suggest.
The articles in the social media are similar in terms of content: “One comes highly motivated into a (supposedly attractive) company, but leaves it again because of the (impossible) manager”, is the conclusion of many disappointed employees. They also call for flat hierarchies but fear that the general trend is in the opposite direction.
We, as a Young Crew, want to counteract this with our programme focus 2020. Whether as project managers, future project clients or project team members – we are confronted today and in the future with the demand and task of achieving (economic) goals.
More than ever before, this can only be achieved together, not only in a “VUCA world” which – as the English abbreviation “VUCA” describes – is “volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous”. This means that we are also confronted with the question of how project teams can be supported in the best possible way.
This probably brings us to an essential aspect of leadership: It is the willingness not only to delegate but above all to solve problems, motivate employees and guide them with specialist knowledge.

Expertise 2020
Speaking of expertise: also, this year we want to deepen PM expertise and acquire new skills. In 2020, the Young Crew is, therefore, planning another 1 1/2-day workshop in which, among other things, the topic of portfolio management will be addressed. Another workshop will discuss how trust and power affect work behaviour and, based on this, whether and how a particular management style (transformational/transactional/laissez-faire) affects the development of trust.
At our Opening Event, on Thu 30.01. at 6:00 pm, we started with a game on agile project management, in which the workshop leaders worked on the topic “Leadership in an agile environment“.
These and many other exciting topics are waiting for you at the Young Crew 2020 and we hope you will be part of it!

Registration and further information at https://www.pma.at/de/ueber-uns/young-crew or in our video.
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Michaela Obersriebnig has been an active Young Crew member since 2015 and a member of the Management Board since 2017. At the beginning of 2018, she took over the function of Chair for the pma Young Crew Management Board. As a driving force for her work in the Young Crew, she mentions the exchange between like-minded people and the acquisition of know-how and knowledge. What she finds exciting about project management is the challenge to motivate teams to pull together and work towards a common goal. During her master studies in molecular biology, Michaela spent a semester in Copenhagen and one year working in Seattle. Currently, she is working as a clinical monitor/project manager in the area of clinical trials.