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9 August 2016 / 4:23

The next GAPPS Thought Leadership Forum in Sydney!

The next TLF will take place from 13th to 14th October 2016. The purpose to link it with IPMA meetings and the AIPM conference is to give people, who are already in Sydney but not involved in a meeting, the opportunity to participate at least for one day. (There are also single day rates available).

Based on the meeting in Lille we will continue to work on strategies and trends. We will also start to discuss a new mapping “spine”, where we don´t map a standard to another existing standard but to something “generic”.

I invite all PM professionals: Take the chance and learn more about standards and practice, learn about standards development and mapping processes, share your knowledge and experience, get advance access to GAPPS tools, develop your local and international networks. Work alongside leading practitioners and researchers. Contribute to your profession. Join us under the membership of IPMA!

The GAPPS is a unique alliance of government, industry, professional associations, national qualification bodies and training/academic institutions that have been working together since 2003 to help practitioners and organizations make sense of the many standards and certifications available globally to guide the management of projects. Our primary aim is to facilitate mutual recognition and transferability of project management standards and qualifications by providing the global project management community with a reliable source of comparative information.

The GAPPS is driven by informed and experienced volunteers. Everything we produce is made available, free of charge, for download from our website.

The GAPPS Thought Leadership forum in Sydney is hosted by the University of Sydney.



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Brigitte Schaden is acting President of Projekt Management Austria (pma), Austria’s largest project management association and IPMA® member association. She also holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of GAPPS (Global Alliance for Project Performance Standards), leads through IPMA® certifications as International Assessor on a global scale and has given speeches on six continents. As Managing Director of BSConsulting, she advises national and international corporations, organisations and individuals on a wide range of topics. She gives also lectures at several universities in Austria and is part of the expert network enable2change. Before being named President of pma in 2003, Brigitte Schaden successfully built a career in the international quality- and project management industry. Brigitte Schaden fulfilled various functions within the IPMA®, including four years as Vice President for Certification. From 2009 to 2010 she acted as the organisation’s first female President.