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2 September 2020 / 12:00

The IPMA HackDays: the hackathon for self-organizing in projects

Would you like to make an impact in the world of projects and create a product with a real business application? Is your mind so full of ideas that sometimes you cannot even sleep at night? Do you get excited when you need to deliver against a deadline? Do you believe that teamwork makes the dream work? Then this is for you.

2020 brought us some surprises (or at least a very big one!) and the renowned IPMA Research Conference has a surprise for you too. In an innovative approach, this year the Conference is going to be coupled with a Hackathon, the IPMA HackDays 2020! No, it’s not just for developers and people who live on coffee and we would love to have you joining us.

A hackathon is an event of short duration where teams collaborate and work around the clock to find a solution to a problem (see, it even sounds like a project). The beauty and power of it do not end with designing a solution however – you will benefit from all the networking and learning that will happen in between. Also, minor detail, there will be prizes – not just the knowledge experience of seeing your solution being assessed by a group of international judges and business leaders but also the shine and glory of being recognized as a hackathon master and perhaps even having your solution being implemented afterwards. This could only get better if you would be offered the possibility of presenting your solution to the world by contributing to a collective book, right? Guess what, you will.

Also, the winning team of the Hackdays will receive:

  • Free coaching session
  • Selection of free books
  • Discounts for certification

The IPMA HackDays 2020 is run by volunteers and will be a fully remote global event. The main action takes place on the 9th and 10th of September, where we will be defining, debating, and proposing solutions to problems around the theme of the Research Conference: “Projects as an arena for self-organizing”. 

Anyone interested is invited to attend a webinar at 3 pm CET on the 5th of September where more information will be shared and questions will be answered. If you cannot attend the webinar and would still like to join Hackdays, please let us know by the 4th September.

We hope to see you there!

More information here: http://www.ipma-research-conference.world/

Are you ready to hack?

Join us now and buy your ticket HERE

Thank you and kind regards,
IPMA HackDays Organizing Committee
Chair – Raji Sivaraman
Co-chair – Ken Coyne
Co-chair – Marisa Silva

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