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20 July 2020 / 9:47

The 24th International Congress on Project Management and Engineering; a Successful Event in the Virtual World

More than 300 professionals from 25 countries participate in the International Congress of Project Management and Engineering of AEIPRO -IPMA Spain and the Alcoy Campus of the UPV.
The virtual environment has been customized, and each attendee has created its avatar.
The UPV Alcoy Campus will host the Congress in person in 2021 if sanitary circumstances allow it.

The 24th International Congress of Project Management and Engineering (CIDIP) ends. The evaluation by the organizers and attendees has been very positive. For the first time, the Congress was held in a personalized virtual environment. The 25th edition of this Congress will take place at the Alcoy Campus of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) if sanitary conditions allow it in 2021.

More than 300 professionals from 25 nationalities have virtually attended this event. More than 200 communications have been presented in thematic areas such as rural development and development cooperation projects, energy efficiency and renewable energy, or product engineering, processes, and industrial design, among other topics. All the works and communications presented have been related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Keynote Speakers
During the three days of the Congress, several conferences have been given. The ‘Keynote speakers’ have been Aurora Belda, director of SAP area (SOTHIS); Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton of Wellingtone Company; Erik Mansson of Mindshift Visual Coaching; Jesús Martínez Almela, President of the International Project Manager Association (IPMA); Mladen Vukomanović Vice President for Profession Development of IPMA; and Tom Taylor of Buro Four.

In addition to the main presentations, 2 Workshops were held, related to Project Management gamification and IPMA Certifications under the experience and guidance of Reinhard Wagner Chairman of the Council of Delegates of IPMA, Joop Schefferlie Vice President of Certification of IPMA, Antonio Andrade Vice President of Operations of IPMA, Guillermo Montero CEO of Proinca Consultants, Alberto Cerezo professor at Universidad de Cádiz and Vladminir Ivanovs Senior Agile Coach. The environment has been customized for Alcoy and its campus since each room has been named after one of the buildings (Ferrándiz, Carbonell, and Georgina Blanes). Other spaces have been designated as Font Roja or Serra Mariola, natural parks from Alcoy’s region.

Organizers, assistants, and authorities have been satisfied with ICPME 2020. The rector of the UPV, Francisco Mora, stated that it is the “most innovative event that has opened” after Covid-19. However, he would have liked more “to attend the city ​​of Alcoy in person “.
Juan Ignacio Torregrosa, director of the UPV Alcoy Campus, highlighted that it has been “a challenge and, at the same time, a tremendous learning experience”.  “The campus itself and the UPV see it as essential to provide physical and virtual spaces to generate knowledge, share it, and spread it,” said the director.
The mayor of Alcoy, Antonio Francés, highlighted at the inauguration that the city “hopes to welcome you next year at the 25th Congress” and congratulated the organization of the event.
Jesús Martínez Almela, Global President of IPMA, has congratulated the Congress’s organization and recalled that many professionals had followed the Congress from outside Spain or from other continents. He emphasized that “this congress is a great demonstration of what Spain can offer the world”. Also, he hopes to attend Alcoy in person at the 25th Congress.
The current president of AEIPRO-IPMA Spain, Salvador Capuz, has stated that this Congress has been “unique” due to its format and that “we are taking advantage of the advantages of digitization”. He recalled that they had exceeded 200 communications, many of them with international speakers.
Vanesa Lo Iacono Ferreira, the coordinator of AEIPRO Joven (Spanish YC) and professor at the UPV Alcoy Campus, has been a fundamental part of this Congress’s organization.


  • The Congress, keeping its tradition, has ended with an awards ceremony:
    Award of the General Council of Official Colleges of Industrial Engineers: first prize valued at 3,000 euros and a second prize (free registration in the next Congress).
  • Jaume Blasco’ Prize awarded by AEIPRO valued at 1,000 euros and a second prize (free registration in the next Congress).
  • AEIPRO scholarship for the best TFM (Awarded by AEIPRO and free registration for the current edition of the Congress) for ten exceptional works.

Sponsors and collaborators
In addition to AEIPRO-IPMA Spain and the UPV Alcoy Campus as organizers of ICPME 2020, the Congress has been possible thanks to the General Council of Official Colleges of Industrial Engineers, the City Council of Alcoy, the Fundación Mutua Levante, Wellingtone, SPPMS, PMOfficers, Proagilist, MDPI, and Opció Jove. IPMA  and IPMA Young Crew have also had their stand at the main hall, Agora Alcoy, of the congress.
À Punt, regional TV of Valencian Community, has been the official media of communication of the Congress, offering via streaming the opening ceremony and the closing, as well as broadcasting ICPME 2020 on its news and social networks.


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Vanesa G. Lo Iacono Ferreira (@vgloiacono) is Doctor in Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV). Certified in IPMA Level D, is lecturer at the Department of Engineering Projects. She is currently working on applications for planning and implementing strategies for sustainable cities and organizations as part of her research projects. As an active member of Campus de Alcoy of UPV community, she participates in different internationalization programs and on-campus projects.
Member of the Executive Board of AEIPRO IPMA Spain, she has been chair of AEIPRO Joven IPMA Young Crew Spain from December 2016 to July 2020. Now, she continues being a member of the ExBo of AEIPRO as responsible of Events and Congress Portfolio.