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25 October 2017 / 7:05

Sustainability and Project Management – Perspectives, Challenges and Threats (Part 6)

One of the challenges we face in regards to sustainability is that it theoretically sounds easy but in real life it is hard to implement and do something about it. Do we want to change? Yes, we want to, but let others do it, because it means to be active, to change behaviour and invest (time, money etc.). Thus, sustainability starts with little steps and continues by changing your behaviour and engage in real life, step by step… A good example for this is IPMA´s Service “IPMA Coaching for Development

IPMA Coaching for Development (IPMA C4D) is a charity initiative of IPMA. The idea is to provide project management knowledge and experience through voluntary engagement to social development or humanitarian aid projects. The objective is to support projects focusing on one or several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG), especially goals number 1: No Poverty; goal number 2: Zero Hunger; goal number 3: Good Health and Well-Being; goal number 6: Clean Water and Sanitation; and goal number 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. The IPMA C4D service connects non-profit organizations (NPOs) with professional project coaches to enhance the competences of project management team through coaching the project manager. Experienced project coaches support projects in order to succeed in their project goals. IPMA´s overall goal is to develop project management competences in social development and humanitarian aid sector so that social development and humanitarian aid projects can have higher impact and more sustainable results.

Any Not-for-Profit (NPO) organisation may apply and profit through the following benefits:

  • Obtain sustainable support for the management of projects from professional coaches
  • Develop a more effective and efficient way of managing projects
  • Overcome challenges and obstacles with the support of a project coach and coaching process.
  • Gain knowledge and experience for their future projects
  • Enhance visibility through IPMA and IPMA C4D

One of the first projects IPMA C4D supported was a social inclusion project for handicapped people in Nepal performed by an NGO called “Prerana”. The project manager stated how the project benefited from IPMA C4D: “The Coaching has been very helpful in managing our project effectively… As an example, the coach supported us in analyzing our stakeholders in relation to their roles in the project and our approach to dealing with them. This has given us insight on how to best communicate with different stakeholders. Our team put the project into a project canvas during the process of coaching; that gave all team members a common understanding of the project goal and the logical relation between objectives on different levels. We firmly believe that this initiative is very fruitful to the small NPOs like us. We are thankful to the Coaching for Development project of the International Project Management Association.”

Do you want to make a difference? Then just do it, do not wait to impact and change the world to be more sustainable…

Source of the photo: Handicap International

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