IPMA International Project Management Association

C4D Application Process

Any non-profit organization in the world can apply for its project focused on contributing to one of the selected
 UN SDGs to receive support from IPMA C4D. We enable Project Managers to develop their skills and complete their projects by creating a cooperative network between the team and its coaches. A Coach is a sparring partner who helps the Project Manager to analyze project challenges and concerns, think through the project situation, brainstorm new approaches and make a plan to launch, monitor and evaluate implemented changes. NPO applies for support for a Project Manager or coordinator of a specific project.

TOP-5 benefits for NPOs

  • Obtain sustainable support for the management of projects from professional coaches
  • Develop a more effective and efficient way of managing projects
  • Overcome challenges and obstacles with the support of a project coach and coaching process.
  • Gain knowledge and experience for their future projects
  • Enhance visibility through IPMA and IPMA C4D

Files to download