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Global Research Awards Assessment Process

In the evaluation the Judges consider the research results as well as the research process. The evaluation criteria are:

  • Research results achieved
  • Originality and innovation
  • Theoretical foundation

The international basis of the IPMA Global Research Awards allows that awards applicants are permitted to submit evidence in their local language. You may translate any evidence you would like to submit on behalf of yourself or your project in your local language. The maximum number of pages of the submission will then be increased in equal amount to the number of pages of the translation at no penalty to the applicant.

Important Dates 2019

The research project must have had at least a duration of one year and must be completed, when the application is handed in. Completion of research project may date back to January 1st 2018. If a researcher (or lead researcher of a team) wins the IPMA Research Award, this person must not apply for the IPMA Research Awards the following three years.

The Application Report and attachments should be submitted by the dates shown in the Research Award Time Schedule 2019. The application is submitted directly to IPMA Awards PMO by e-mail: [email protected].

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