IPMA International Project Management Association


Research is an essential aspect of any profession and IPMA´s mission is to provide a link between research communities and IPMA members. This overall objective is achieved by participating in a variety of research events, by organizing research conferences, seminars, and workshops with a specific focus as well as facilitating research activities across the IPMA Family. IPMA recognizes research excellence through IPMA Global Research Awards and encourages researchers by providing prizes for research papers at conferences.

Our vision is to create a global value space for research activities to shape the future of project, programme and portfolio management.

  • Through our research activities, IPMA ́s differentiating strengths are made clear to all interested parties, from practitioners to managers and executives, to nations, and to the society at large
  • Through our research activities, we actively support the development of IPMA Global Standards, Products, and Services, being the reference for worldwide, cross-cultural competent and performing project, programme and portfolio management
  • Through our research awards, IPMA ́s visibility is widespread and the brand value of IPMA is verifiably clear, especially in the area “Project Excellence”


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Contact IPMA Research