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3 March 2020 / 9:00

Promoting Algerian Project Management Association, member of IPMA IPMA at the Young Crew Day at the University of Algiers/Bab Ezzouar on 02 March 2020

The Young Crew Day in Algiers organized by Algerian Project Management Association, member of IPMA was the occasion to promote project management culture in Algiers, the capital of the largest African country.

IPMA was invited to attend the event on 2 March 2020 which took place in the House of Sciences of the University Houari Boumediène in Bab Ezzouar. The building and especially the auditorium are famous as designed by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. Over 100 students and young executives gathered at the event which was sponsored by Icosnet, an incubator for start-ups which recently built a special facility on the university campus.  Using project management to implement ideas stemming from start-ups was well-received by the students from various faculties such as mechanical engineering, petrochemical engineering, architecture, urban planning and agriculture.

Many young graduates from the polytechnic school of Algiers were present exchanging during the workshop about projects in telecommunication, project planning risk management and concluding with some lessons learned.
Like many events, the Young Crew day was the occasion to network, share experiences and obtain funding from potential sponsors present at the event.

It was also the occasion to better understand the Young Crew functioning at IPMA level, i.e. the products and services offered by Young Crew at the international and local level.
Promoting the project management culture in Algeria critical in the context of political and societal change. In a country where seventy per cent of the population is below 35 years old, young people are aspiring for a promising future in their country. As mentioned by many attendees, the potential in the country is great but we still spend too much time on projects that are seldom on time, on budget and quality. The governance of the country is changing after the resignation of the Algerian president in April 2019 and who was in power for twenty years. The new government is promising many new projects and programs to address the many challenges the country is facing. Yet many Algerians demonstrate their deception in the streets every Friday through a movement called Hirak (also called revolution of smiles that started on 16 February 2019 and that still lasts to the day).
Baring in mind this context, it is particularly satisfying and hopeful to see that Young Crew members are increasing. Even more important is that their interest in changing things in Algeria to the positive with new ideas thanks to project management is growing.
To quote one student: “I came to this Young Crew event today and I did not know what to expect. Now I know that I want to take an active role in Young Crew and I just signed onto the membership list”.

Young Crew day hosted by University of Algiers and sponsored by the incubator icosnet

Over 100 young crew attendees during the full day

Part of the organizing team with Dean and Vice Dean of the university in front of the  campus auditorium designed by the Brazilian Architect Oscar Niemeyer



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