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Global Project Excellence Award Application Process

A project team can apply for the IPMA Global Project Excellence Award by filling in an Application Report explaining its project management approach and results according to the criteria of the IPMA Project Excellence Model®. The Application Report constitutes a self-assessment that helps the project team to understand how to achieve success and to identify and use their strengths and improvement potential.

Introduction to the IPMA Global Project Excellence Model

The IPMA Project Excellence Model (IPMA PEM) was introduced in 2016 as an updated version of the model that has been in place since 2002. The main purpose of the IPMA PEM is to provide guidance to organisations in assessing the ability of their projects and programmes to achieve project excellence. The model is used as the framework which is used for the Project Excellence assessment. The model is based on Total Quality Management and related models such as EFQM and identifies three areas: People & Purpose, Processes & Resources and Project Results.

The People & Purpose area defines criteria that are considered the foundation of project excellence. The right people, led and supported by excellent leaders, all sharing a common vision for success, are crucial to drive project improvements and help the project to run and go beyond established standards.

The Processes & Resources criteria represent practices necessary to reinforce excellence through sound processes and adequate resources used in an efficient and sustainable way.

The Project Results area defines excellence as the project management approach and its effects in terms of outstanding, sustainable results for all key stakeholders. This area complements the first two areas with necessary proof of excellent results as defined by the project stakeholders.

How to prepare for the IPMA Global Project Excellence Award?

IPMA offers several trainings and webinars during which an applicant organisation or potential assessors can prepare for the Global Project Excellence Award. There are 3-day trainings for potential assessors, who would like to familiarise themselves with the IPMA PEM or for applicants who want to prepare themselves to participate in the assessment process. Check the calendar for more details.

A  one-hour marketing webinar describing the IPMA, the Global Project Excellence Awards and awards process serves to promote the PE Awards. This webinar is organised for a broad audience (check details here) and can also be organised on an in-company basis on request. If your organisation is interested in hosting a marketing webinar, or for more information, please contact the Awards PMO.

The Global Project Excellence Award Categories

The IPMA Global Project Excellence Award recognises projects and programmes in the following categories:

Cost of entering the IPMA Global Project Excellence Awards

There is an application fee to enter the awards as described in the table.

In case the application is withdrawn, you are required to cover:

  • 20% of the application fee if the Application Report has not yet been submitted to the Awards PMO
  • 100% of the application fee if the Application Report has been submitted to the Awards PMO.

If you submit two applications in one year, a 10% reduction of the application fee is in place. If you apply with more than one application, the following discounts apply: the 2nd application receives a 10% reduction of the application fee; the 3rd application receives a 15% reduction and 4th application constitutes a 20% reduction of the application fee.

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