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IPMA PEB Professionals

The registered IPMA Project Excellence Baseline (PEB) Professional has been trained in applying the Project Excellence Baseline® or PEB (for free download click here) for training and consultancy purposes. They have passed a test, showing their knowledge of the PEB and how to apply PEB in their field of work. We, therefore, consider them to be very valuable when it comes to improving the performance of your projects and programmes.

The IPMA Project Excellence Baseline® is one of IPMA’s standards, describing how to search for excellence in a project or programme. More information on IPMA PEB can be found here, you can download our standard for free here.

NOTE: This registration is not implying these individuals have been certified (using the IPMA ICB for CCT) as trainers, consultants or coaches.

The following people have given us their consent to publish their names:

Name Country Organisation Year
Christoph Ulrich Switzerland Armasuisse, Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport DDPS, Swiss Confederation 2020
Grzegorz Szalajko Poland Strategic Project Management Advisor 2020
Inna Schafheutle Germany FWTM GmbH & Co. KG, Freiburg 2020
Jakub Lesinski Poland Thoriana sp.z.o.o., Warsaw, Poland 2020
Joachim Heinrich Germany Vitesco Technologies 2020
Michael Boxheimer Germany Project – und Prozess Management Systeme 2020
Pau Lian Staal-Ong The Netherlands AT Osborne 2020
Peter Coesmans The Netherlands Coesmans Management 2020
Petra Hollmeyer Germany 2020
Robert Mengel Germany Lurberg GmbH, Darmstadt 2020
Tobias Kreutter Germany Festo SE & Co. KG, Ostfildern 2020





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