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Global Achievement Award Application Process

Important steps in the IPMA Global Achievement Awards application process are described below. If you are interested in applying for an Achievement Award, download the Submission Guidelines, gather the required information and complete the Application Form. Also see the time schedule for important dates to remember! All documents can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

Submission should be compiled using the standard Application Form and submitted as a Word or PDF document. Application documents can be downloaded below.

You may submit your projects in up to two categories using separate submission documents. Each project is eligible to win one category only. The front cover of the submission must indicate the category being entered

Collecting the required evidence and completing the Application Form provides you with a unique opportunity to review and document your and your team’s performance whilst deriving lessons learnt that they can apply to future initiatives.  It also requires you to proactively engage with your project sponsor, client and key stakeholders.

The Application Form requires you to demonstrate, through narratives and documentary evidence, outstanding achievement and/or innovation in project management over a cumulative period of not less than two years. The project(s) can be of any complexity, value, location or industry sector as it is the quality of the project management, not the project itself, that is the basis of the judges’ evaluation.

Indicative page limits are flexible; however the total content of your application must not exceed 35 A4 pages excluding the title page, table of contents and English translations of all non-English original documentary evidence. The basis of the IPMA Global Achievement Awards allows that awards applicants are permitted to submit evidence in their local language. You may translate any evidence you would like to submit on behalf of yourself or your project in your local language. The maximum number of pages of the submission will then be increased in equal amount to the number of pages of the translation at no penalty to the applicant.

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