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7 April 2015 / 1:55

Progress of project Management in the Dominican Republic

Project management is a recent practice in most Latin America countries. Some countries have introduced it as a result of the requirements of international organizations and/or international companies and/or corporations. Nonetheless, it has not been until recently that private and public entities and NGOs, among others, of Latin American countries have become aware of the importance of project management.

In this sense, the Dominican Republic is an example worth highlighting. We have sectors that have traditionally employed project management, such as the energy sector. Likewise, in the last two decades, Project Execution Units have been created in almost every company of the sector to comply with the requirements of the bodies that finance development projects.

A participative budget has been implemented in the municipal area for the last 10 years. With this kind of budget, the communities select the projects with the highest priority to be developed with the joint participation of the mayor´s office and the members of the corresponding communities. Project plans are created to be executed by both parties.

To raise funds, non-governmental organizations must submit a project plan complying with the requirements of the financing bodies and it is also demanded from the Dominican government.

In the last three years, the new government of the Dominican Republic approved and is executing approximately 198 projects of social development and encouragement of production, commercial and service microbusinesses, small businesses, and medium businesses, headed and monitored by a Project Executing Unit from the National Palace.


Dominican Republic: photo taken by Sandra Mišić

Academic institutions are making their contribution by offering dual-degree (Spain, Canada, and U.S.A.) majors in Project Management.

Locally, there are two institutions that offer certificates in projects: ADGP-IPMA (through the Panamanian certifying body) and the PMI chapter.

Topics related to project management best practices such as risk management, project feasibility, environmental impact, selection of the appropriate human resources and project management tools and, in general, project direction competencies, will be common subjects throughout every project´s planning, execution, and closure. All companies will have Project Management Offices or PMOs, not only as executing units, but as part of the company that is in charge of project management from beginning to end.

In conclusion, by the end of the current decade, all sectors in the Dominican Republic–the government, companies and non-governmental organizations–will be managed through projects, and this will contribute to boost the country´s development.




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