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3 June 2016 / 7:34

products.ipma.world – Open For Business

In early May, the IPMA Web Shop officially opened. This site is a full ecommerce solution dedicated to the sale and distribution of IPMA member family products. The site, products.ipma.world, features four IPMA products: the Individual Competence Baseline (ICB), the Project Excellence Baseline (PEB), the Organizational Competence Baseline (OCB), and the 50th Anniversary book. More products are in the making. This site is designed for IPMA and its member associations, as well as for the larger market of practitioners, academics, trainers, corporate customers and others who are looking to engage in the IPMA system of project/programme/portfolio management. The IPMA Web Shop represents a strategic shift for IPMA to better support Member Associations and our general membership with more value added products and services.


The value proposition for these strategic changes is as follows: IPMA Member Associations, corporate sponsors, and individual members will benefit from the IPMA Web Shop and the managed products and services approach through increased membership, increased member engagement, and with a trusted platform for the latest thinking and sponsored opportunities. IPMA will become a more relevant and vital resource through a common ecommerce platform, and members will benefit their wallets and careers by participating in the IPMA Web Shop.

The ecommerce platform is intended to expand into to new offerings, driven by Member Associations, individual members and others. Creating a global marketplace for products and services is a critical feature in retaining current members and attracting new members to the Member Associations. As we continue to expand around the world, IPMA will support the Member Associations with branding, certification, programming and other areas that link each Member Association with the global IPMA identity.

Currently, all standards are free for download and web viewing. For those wishing to own official IPMA English-language hard copies, visit the site today! Pricing for the products is as follows:

  • ICB – 35 euros
  • PEB – 20 euros
  • OCB – 20 euros
  • 50th – 20 euros


For anyone looking to purchase multiple copies of the standards, the site offers discounts for volumes of books. For example, to purchase the ICB + PEB + OCB separately, one would pay 75 euros, but with the discount the total price is 60 euros. See below.


How Did We Get Here?

This ecommerce site completes the first full cycle of development for a new product/service capability by IPMA. It began last year when a team was commissioned to establish a new look and feel for the three major standards. That team consisted of Tim Jaques – USA (team leader), Mladen Vokomanvic – Croatia, Peter Coesmans – Netherlands, Ewa Zawadska – Poland, and Samuli Karjalainen – Finland. Over the course of several months, and in conjunction with IPMA leadership and a professional designer, the team established a new look and feel for the standards. This new approach brought together all three standards under one design concept, thereby giving IPMA a set of consistent products.

Next came the development of the ecommerce site. This site was envisioned as a channel for the sale of IPMA products, and is anticipated to grow into a site for IPMA member products and services. We engaged with a print house that has fulfillment capabilities globally. So all items can be printed and shipped worldwide. These two elements – branded books and an ecommerce site – combined to form the basis for a new capability for IPMA. This is great news for every MA and IPMA member. The new ecommerce site delivers a professional aesthetic that will appeal to IPMA Member Associations, their members, as well as the sponsors and supporters of IPMA in each country.

What’s Next?

The site is designed as a platform for future growth. It is anticipated that the next generation of the site will include links to Member Association registration, translations of standards, ticketing for events, books, training, whitepapers, research, logo apparel, career opportunities and more. These areas are currently under development, and IPMA is also evolving its back end business functions to ensure that there is a strong set of processes supporting the growth model.

There are several new products in development today that will become a part of the products.ipma.world ecosystem. For example, the standards for Coaches, Consultants and Trainers. These products will complement the current ICB with more in-depth guidance. It is anticipated that a new updates cycle for the three main standards will be engaged in the coming 12-months. This will potentially result in updates to the ICB, PEB and OCB.

We encourage everyone to visit the site today!

Tim Jaques

Vice-President, IPMA-USA

International Project Management Association – United States




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Tim Jaques

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For more than twenty years, Tim Jaques has been exploring, thinking, speaking, and writing on the topics of project management, organizational change, culture, and human performance. Tim is an avid writer, presenter, and facilitator. As the IPMA Global Director for Special Interest Group (SIG), Tim supports the IPMA vision of promoting competence throughout society to enable a world in which all projects succeed. Tim’s work in IPMA focuses on connecting global experts to solve some of the world’s most important and complex challenges through the development of special interest groups around topics as diverse as Innovation, Smart Cities, Smart Rural, Artificial Intelligence and Mega Projects to name a few.

In business, Tim’s work today focuses on business transformation and workplace performance through his company Teaming Worldwide. Tim has worked with a variety of private and public sector clients including General Electric, Toshiba, Tufts University, the US Army, US Postal Service. Teaming Worldwide delivers professional development and performance consulting, re-imagined using the latest science in adult learning, motivation and performance.

Tim’s core capabilities include project and program management, performance improvement, execution and operations, organizational change management, IT transformation, and business strategy. Tim co-authored the International Project Management Association (IPMA) Individual Competence Baseline, version 4, an international project, program and portfolio competence standard. He has published two books on US Federal government PM practices; and written numerous articles on project management, organizational change and transformation.

Tim is a past vice-president of IPMA-USA and has held numerous board positions.