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14 November 2019 / 8:00

“PM under Construction”: pma focus 2019, Austria’s largest congress for project management, broke all records

The pma congress held on October 30th highlighted the issues of “agility”, “new work” and “artificial intelligence”. More than 650 project managers discussed new and established PM methods at the Austria Center Vienna.

PM on the threshold of a new age?
What new challenges do project managers face in the age of chatbots and artificial intelligence? In view of rapid technical developments, does project management also has to be re-defined? Experts from a wide range of industries analysed the opportunities and challenges for project management in the age of disruption at the Austria Center Vienna.

Brigitte Schaden, President of Projekt Management Austria (pma), was optimistic: “Project managers are used to managing change successfully.” Schaden presented a storm umbrella that she had brought with her: “This umbrella” – said Schaden with a smile – “is definitely a symbol for project management and its “modus operandi” between stability and agility: The umbrella is agile in handling, but also very stable and reliable”.

Tomorrow’s project managers well equipped
Brigitte Schaden also emphasized: “Human abilities such as creativity, empathy and communication remain key. They distinguish project managers from robots. We will need these assets and skills even more in the future”.

Hans-Joachim Gergs from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg spoke about the self-renewal of companies, and said: “those who have the ability to continuously reinvent themselves will be successful in the long term”. Trend researcher Kai Gondlach, who in his opening keynote referred to the year 2030, spoke of a “new age” and “digital nomads”.

Change – as the interesting practical examples, inspiring lectures and workshops made clear – has many facets and forces us as a society to leave familiar paths – possibly faster than we thought.

While facing “the” project management of the future, we will probably experience how borders further dissolve: for example those between established practices and new trends.

Participants agreed: Regardless of the method project managers choose – proven competencies, new methods or smart algorithms – project managers are well equipped for today and for the future.

To read more please visit the pma’s webiste: www.pma.at/de/events/pma-focus/rueckblick-pma-focus-2019



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