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1 July 2016 / 7:04

Path to success in manufacturing world – a case from Hungary

One of our decades long supporter as well as corporate member LEGRAND Hungary Ltd. was winnig the Hungarian manufacturers’contest multiple honours: which elevated the Company Legrand amongst the best factories under the leading CEO Mr.Laszlo KAROLYI. He has been working for 21 years at the Legrand Group and was appointed CEO for Legrand Hungary in 2004, building up a well-performing team. The Hungarian company became the 400th from a turnover point of view and gained the 100th position from an economic income point of view in the Hungarian companies ranking list only a few years later.

A successful business executive can help to propel your business forward by sharing the success and mistakes he has learned over a thirty-year career. Strong business and technical qualifications with an impressive track record of hands-on experience in strategic planning, business development, marketing and brand building, project and product management, operations and change management. A good blend of knowledge between international management & business theories and practice. His experience comes from a multinational environment and the global market in CEE, acquired in a difficult, economic restructuring period too. He experienced small private and big state-owned enterprises, multicultural and virtual teams and projects. Eversince his appointment as CEO of Legrand Hungary he has joined FOVOSZ(IPMA.HU)membership and actively participated in upcoming IPMA World Congresses, right away in the 18th held in Budapest under the main stream: „Cross-Cultural Networking”<CCN>. His lecture was joining the main stream: Legrand Kontavill Hungary Industrial project in multicultural environment-How to manage organisations, risks, local & global interest & conflicts. He was winning the Project Manager of the year 2007 contest promoted by the Project Excellence. Board of 7 Hungarian Professional Associations: with the major restructuring projekt of Commercial Profit-Centre of Legrand Hungary called „FŐNIX”. His quest for Project Management Excellence has been recorded in his very own professional book titled: Business Chameleon – Published by iUniverse . The book review reveals his professional experience and personality worth to copy by practicing CEO-s: A successful business executive helps you propel your management performance forward by sharing the successes and mistakes that he’s learned over a thirty-year career. A pilgrimage around different management theories such us business, marketing or project highlighting how to implement succesfully in the practice.

Divided into four sections that coincide with the changing seasons, the lessons allow you to excel when times are good and bad. The fifteenth and final story in each chapter is by a guest writer who provides a different point of view on an important business topic. There are lessons for autumn, when the world is changing; for winter, when new solutions should be sought out; for spring, when it’s difficult to implement new ideas; and for summer, when it’s time  to reap the rewards of hard work.

Get tools and strategies you need to:

– adjust to change so your business can thrive;

– keep calm under pressure and manage crises;

– combine tradition and innovation to achieve better results;

– strike a healthy balance between work and private life.

By being creative, you can keep business surging in the right direction. All it takes is the determination to learn, plan, and adapt to change by being a Business Chameleon. Solutions represent a real value in business. Management is a difficult art and an expert can provide solutions highlighting the risks that are inherent in all kind of situation. Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most adaptable to change.” FOVOSZ(IPMA:HU) is proud to have among its corporate membership such a successful multinational company lead by such a professional pro-active personality like Mr.Laszlo KAROLYI many years back as Member of the Exceutive Board of FOVOSZ, later as Chair of Supervisory Board of the Hungarian Certification Body – always assisting to enhance our Project Management performance for the Hungarian IPMA-Membership. No wonder that Legrand Hungary keeps continously is among the top performing companies in Hungary, which was proven by the latest public contest, announced by the publisher Professional Publishing Hungary in two rounds: the professional jury judged the work of 51 candidates, grouped in 3 sizes and 7 categories. The submitted works were evaluated by Process Solution’s team, in which 75% were based on objective data, and 25% based on personal impressions. They were not in an easy situation, since in the frame of the competition they had to compare the whole of the domestic manufacturing industries, regardless of their sector. The decisions were made by the 13 member panel of experts, after the personal auditing of the shortlisted companies. Legrand Hungary has made the shortlist in 3 categories (best management processes, production and employee satisfaction), based on the company’s submitted material, which is quite an outstanding achievement. At the award ceremony, the company was praised for its innovative ideas and processes, and for the results it has achieved so far. The victory in the Best management processes category proves to us, that we progress towards the fulfillment of our goals in a good direction, in addition to the supporting and innovative management approach. Corporate social responsibility was not included as a separate category, but based on the jury’s unanimous decision a special prize was awarded for Legrand Hungary for its activities presented in this field. On May 13, the awards were handed out to the winners of the Factory of the Year competition for the first time. Legrand Zrt. became the winner of the Best management processes category, and also earned the jury’s special award for Corporate social responsibility. At the awards ceremony, general manager László Károlyi accepted the two certificates and the award plaque on behalf of the company. The excellent result achieved in the Factory of the Year 2015 competition is the recognition of the work of all of us, congratulations and thanks to all of our employees! (by László Károlyi general manager).



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Peter Tarnoki has been active for 40 year in the field of foreign trade participating first in multiple complex export projects and later export-import barter trade projects of professional companies. During those 4 decades was serving also at the Hungarian Foreign Trade Missions in Iraq and in Kuwait representing as Commercial Counselor almost the full Hungarian industrial sector excelling in successful project achievements in those Middle-Eastern countries. The last 15 years spent at the Hungarian Trade Licensing Authority as Senior Chief Counselor. Parallel to his professional assignments he entered the field of non-governmental activities by his appointment as Secretary General and CoD of FOVOSZ(IPMA.HU) in 1998. Ever since he is active member of the IPMA-family: main architect of setting up the Hungarian Certification Body in 2001, and as host project owner of the 18th IPMA World Congress 2004 in Budapest.