IPMA International Project Management Association

IPMA Delta Certification Scheme

The certification is called IPMA Delta®, because it is not only based on IPMA OCB® but also on IPMA’s Individual Competence Baseline (IPMA ICB®) and IPMA’s Project Excellence Baseline®, shown as a triangle in the IPMA Delta Logo. The certification of an organisation is a remarkable step further compared to the certification of individuals.

What are the benefits of the IPMA Delta certification?

IPMA Delta® has been conceived to deliver value to customers worldwide. The rationale of IPMA Delta is to provide a high-value feedback process and report while limiting the effort of the customer for the certification. The assessment looks at the key topics and uses appropriate methods for providing valuable information to the customer’s stakeholders who are responsible for the project, programme and portfolio management of the organisation. The main benefits of using IPMA Delta are

  • Know the PP&PM competence status quo of your organisation based on an independent third-party assessment of experienced PM professionals
  • Identify best practices of project, programme and portfolio management in your organisation
  • Have a clear picture of the areas for improvement and development in order to be able to plan and conduct a continuous improvement and development process with measurable objectives
  • Raise the visibility and significance of project, programme and portfolio management in your organisation
  • Achieve systematically better results in projects, programmes and portfolios
  • Improve your competitive market position, using the certificate to show professionalism to personnel, customers, partners and the community
  • Learn from experienced IPMA Delta® assessors and raise the exchange on PP&PM in your organisation
  • Achieve more certainty in an agile and VUCA world: Where is our organisation now and where you should lead it.

What’s about the feedback of the customers?

IPMA Delta® Certifications were conducted since the year 2010. The IPMA Delta Certification is mature. The experience was used to establish the Version 2.1 (2021) of IPMA Delta. Our Customers confirmed that Delta acts as an enabler to improve its performance.

Customer feedback examples are:
“IPMA Delta assessment is one major milestone in our process; to provide a clear and holistic view for the management and the whole organization and to give us the perspective to choose the next target areas for PPPM development,” says Mats Söderlund Director, Energy & Civil, Finland.

“We shall be able, this way, to maintain our current position a leading supplier of public transportation services in the city and region of Berne”, states René Schmied, CEO, BERNMOBIL Städtische Verkehrsbetriebe Bern, Switzerland.

“I am proud of the fact that Thales Portugal is the first IPMA Delta® certified organization in Portugal. It is the recognition of Thales Portugal project, programme and portfolio management skill” tells João Araújo, Thales Portugal Country Director.

“JSC ASE is the first of the Russian companies that received the certificate of conformity to the IPMA Delta® 4th class of competence of the field of project management” ascertains Valery Limarenko,
the head JSC ASE, Russia

“I think we would benefit from this competitive advantage in achieving our vision to be a leading whole-process engineering consulting service provider” states Dr./Mrs. SONG Rui, founder of RAPM, China.

“The Kazakhstan PM Association has transformed the way we conduct business and has made a significant impact on a company,” tells the KGNT CEO, Alexandra Bekisheva, Almaty.

You can find the collection of case studies and testimonials HERE.

Below you may find two videos that are the presentations of the companies that are already certified on Delta.

What Model is used for the Assessment of Organisational Competence?

In the first phase, selected individuals and project and programme teams of the customers do a self-assessment concerning their relation to the organisational competence.

In the second phase, the assessors do their on-site assessment with interviews and document checks, guided by a mix of standard and tailor-made components.

The scale for the detailed and summary measures is composed of the 5 IPMA Delta® Competence Classes: