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Become recognised as a Competent Organisation

Projects are the driving force behind the development of all organizations, both private and public

Projects are essential investments of organisations that provide value for their stakeholders.

  • Do you want your organisation to be recognised as competent in managing projects, programmes and portfolios?
  • Do you want that project, programme and portfolio management teams are enabled, supported and guided by the management of your organization?
  • Do you want to be assessed on your organisation´s current competence level and obtain an internationally recognised certificate?
  • Do you want to have a clear picture of the areas for improvement and the actions needed to adapt your project, programme and portfolio management?
  • Do you want to achieve better results in projects, programmes and portfolios through more efficient and effective governance and management?

IPMA provides your organisation an international, competence-based certification scheme – in your own country, in your own language, tailored in your desired competence class.

The certification process involves the entire organization. The key stakeholders are top management and the project management process owners, such as the PMO. The IPMA Delta assessment is a well-planned, systematically coordinated project.

There will be a project manager for the certification on the side of the certification body as well. Independent assessors, who are experienced in project, programme and portfolio management, will work with you in a fair, productive and impartial assessment.

IPMA Organisational Competence Baseline

The IPMA certification of organisations is based on the global competence standard, IPMA OCB®. This standard is developed by IPMA and describes the competences an organisation that carries out projects, programmes and portfolios should possess to perform successfully.

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