IPMA International Project Management Association

YPMY Coffee & Networking Moment Invitation

Being acknowledged by what you do and what you achieve is a way of recognition of your value as a professional, but also as an individual being in a challenging world. I think we can agree if we say that, it is a human need to somehow be validated by ourselves but ultimately it has a special motion on our emotions, being recognized by the external world, it is a feeling we cannot explain and we cannot wait to create the opportunity for more people to live it.

Therefore, to acknowledge, create motion for your YPMY 2020 to apply for our awards and create a great IPMA Young Crew moment and memory, we would like to invite you to join our YPMY Coffee & Networking moment.
On 6 June, at 12.30 pm (UTC). You can register, here.

We will have previous winners, judges, IPMA, Young Crew members and people that are willing to apply or not to this awards, with many surprises to promote and create networking. Bring on your good energy, your will to share and a coffee or a drink of your taste. And, guess what? There will be a toast moment too!

We have been awarding our best Young Project Managers of the Year, since 2012. We have awarded 22 people from 15 different countries around the world in the three different winner’s distinction: Gold Winner, Silver Winner and Bronze Winner. We hope to see you challenging yourself, adding great value to your country already on this list or not, it is open to all countries.

Do not miss out this great opportunity to find out more about the awards and to meet our IPMA family (again)!