IPMA International Project Management Association

Young Crews – Welcome & Congrats!

IPMA YC is thrilled to have new Young Crews on board and can’t wait to start hearing about their progress and achievements. A warm welcome to PMAS Young Crew (Singapore), IPMA Egypt Young Crew, and PMA India Young Crew!
On behalf of the entire IPMA YC family, we congratulate Young Crew Argentina and Young Crew Uruguay for reaching an important milestone – Full Membership – and wish them an exciting and successful next chapter!

Meet the heroes!

The Management Board of YC Uruguay: (left to right) Ricardo Butler, Federico Cat, Matías Juan, Santiago Garat

From YC Uruguay we are extremely proud and honoured to have the possibility to become a part of the great IPMA family! Like our country, we are still small, but only in numbers. Determination and passion drive our organization and we are convinced that we can promote and spread the project management vision throughout young communities in our country. We hope we can collaborate from our position to thrust IPMA’s vision throughout the world! We thank IPMA for the opportunity!


The Management Board of YC Argentina: (left to right) Agostina Fonseca, Daniela G. Ochoa Mejía, Minerva Gómez Colina, Gabriel A. Pagliari

Hello to all the YC teams in the world! It is a pleasure to greet you from Argentina! We are very excited to join IPMA Young Crew as a full member. Our team is composed of young professionals from Argentina and is interdisciplinary. The members have different academic and professional knowledge: architecture, design, environmental management, urban planning, information technology. As a team, we are focused on creating opportunities for young who wish to grow professionally in the area of Project Management, acquire and certify competences. As well, we will be participating actively to create and strengthen bound with professionals and organizations from the local and international context, promoting the interaction and exchange of knowledge and experiences, as the participation in events, seminars, workshops and certification programs, providing access to training and reach higher levels of professional qualification.