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Young Crews Success Stories – Take a Look! Get Inspired! (PART II)

Are you seeking for more inspiration?
Here we continue to present this year’s Success Stories.

Take a look at the awarded projects, processes, and solutions:

7) IPMA Young Crew Polska
Outstanding Project: Student Project Excellence Award 2019
The first student projects award in the history of YC Poland!

In 2019, IPMA Young Crew Poland organized a competition, nominated SPEA – Student Project Excellence Award – dedicated to student organizations throughout the country, which aims to promote at the national level, the excellence in project management among the student community, project management supporters and young project managers.

The student projects involved in this outstanding project were evaluated in 4 categories: social projects, event projects, research and development projects, technical and IT projects. Because of the success of the SPEA project YC Poland has increased its recognition at Polish universities and has contributed to the promotion of improving project management standards.

The winning teams, in every project category, were awarded for a free preparation course for IPMA-D certification and free passes to the next IPMA Young Crew Poland Workshop!

8) IPMA Young Crew Slovakia
Outstanding Project: Young Crew cooperation on projects with majors of cities and villages
Successfully delivered projects through effective cooperation in difficult environments!



IPMA Young Crew Slovakia in cooperation with cities majors and local village leaders set up a hand to hand activities from implementing chairs, desks, playgrounds to the construction of an amphitheatre and reconstruction of football stadiums. It was not easy at first. They had some challenges because not everyone has PM knowledge. But in order to be successful, the YC gathered support from local communities, the local government and nonprofit organizations for everyone to participate and contribute for a better place for life.

A better place for life is a project with huge social and cultural impact for locals and visitors. For the sustainability of the project, the YC structured a group of local actors and representatives of various organizations to share future ideas of coming projects and anybody who wants to support local projects.

9) IPMA Young Crew Portugal
Outstanding Process: Quarterly Report
A major step forward on the journey to a mature organization!

Members behind the story created a process to measure the performance of the teams and Young Crew Portugal as a whole and then turned the numbers into easy-to-read and insightful information to be shared with all stakeholders. By sharing, they wanted to involve every stakeholder as much as possible, gathering inputs and feedback so YC Portugal could act upon to make the necessary adjustments to the plan along the way, and not by the end of the year.

They were able to provide a more regular status update on progress to everyone, by defining strategic and activities plans, KPI -metrics- and shareable results, allowing them to involve everyone in what they were doing while providing a clear direction for the team.

In the Quarterly Report, they managed to show evidence of their achievements as a team and real solid numbers to better support the feeling of ‘a job well done’ and – of course – celebration!

10) IPMA Young Crew Morocco
Outstanding Process: Framework of partnerships with top universities
Raising awareness of project management skills and competencies among students!

This process will help the YC in Morocco to establish partnerships with top schools and universities in the country. This allows the YC to reach a bigger audience of students and their participation into the local community activities.

The principal goal of these partnerships is to organize workshops, webinars, and more events for the benefit of the students and to raise their awareness of project management skills and competences. A big impact on the Moroccan educational system!

11) AEIPRO Joven
Outstanding Solution: Start of PM professional path – Seminar Series
Increase in participation level in the projects by 133%.

The YC Spain participation in international competitions had been steady but not great, compared to other YCs. In the past years, we tried different approaches seeking a higher participation rate, but students kept saying that participation in the main events (iPMC, GeCCo, and International Workshops) required time (and money). Even though these events were an opportunity to contribute to their experiences as young project managers and their PM improvement skills and competences.

Some tasks actions were made, that involved the participation of the MA, free seminars and active promotion of the events to gather the attention of future participants, most of the students. As a result, the participation level increased up to 133%. Also, 75% of the number of higher institutions were involved in the competitions by giving professors more information and presenting the projects as complementary tools for their lessons. YC Spain also increased the number of members of and their willingness to participate as volunteers in our projects.

12) IPMA Young Crew Mexico
Outstanding Solution: Global Young Crew Workshop – Merida 2019
More than 20 countries from all around the world and more than 5,000 participants connected via live stream!

Organizing the International Project Management Championship (iPMC) Americas and the Global Young Crew Workshop (GYCW) that took place in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, was a great opportunity to apply what the YC team has learned about project management in the last few years. The challenge got bigger when the YC Mexico decided to innovate and live stream the events, so that the people who wanted to participate and could not make it, would not miss any activities like workshops and the keynotes speakers.

The IPMA standards were the key to the inspiration of the different teams and to unify the efforts. The final results helped to solidify and consolidate the Young Crew Mexico in the community.

13) IPMA Young Crew Morocco
Outstanding Solution: Launch of a countrywide online learning platform
Deploying an e-learning platform to deliver digital courses to children in difficult situations!

In Morocco, there have been major problems to deliver digital courses through many schools – including public ones. Neither teachers nor students are prepared to use online tools. It is from our roles to promote the role of e-learning and digital courses among schools from a very young age.

The task was to implement an online platform that makes teaching more productive, collaborative, meaningful and accessible in the isolated villages of Morocco. They structured the whole process as a C4D project. The team decided to launch this project for the entire Moroccan schooling community – both private & public. In addition, this project is in the long-term part of the strategy to introduce IPMA KIDS project onto Moroccan market in the near future.

In this sense, IPMA Young Crew Morocco is finding new alternatives that will allow the children of its country to keep learning in a more innovative way, by introducing an e-learning platform for digital courses.


IPMA Young Crew is grateful for the effort of each team for making the sharing of the success stories possible. The impact is enormous in the IPMA YC community and we hope for the following years to get access to more inspiring stories not only capable of improving PM skills and competences but also providing sustainable solutions and actions towards a better world for better projects.