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Young Crew – Membership News

2020 has been a difficult year in many aspects, wrapping it up IPMA YC would like to express our gratitude for the effort and commitment of the Membership and Coaches & Mentors teams’ members and all national boards. The effort that was given by you contributed greatly to the overall success of the development of the YC community.

We are delighted to announce that despite challenging times YC Bolivia and YC Egypt achieved Full Member Young Crew status! We hope that the next year will bring us a new and safer perspective and wishing them the best of luck and continued success in developing their Young Crews to further heights in a new status!

Young Crew Bolivia

“The Young Crew Bolivia team gives a warm greeting to the entire IPMA community, we are very grateful and honoured to be part of the IPMA family as YC Full Members. It is the beginning of a new stage that will strengthen us as a team, promoting project management for young people in Bolivia. We are sure that together with the IPMA guidelines we will be able to create a projected culture and build leaders for a better future.”