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Young Crew – Membership News

We are very pleased to announce that YC Greece has recently joined IPMA YC global community and 4 YC’s – YC Brazil, YC Indonesia, YC Japan, and YC Morocco – have been promoted to the Full Members! We are looking forward to collaboration on an international level and wishing them good luck and all the best for their further development!

Young Crew IPMA Brasil

“We are very happy to announce that Young Crew Brazil is active and full of projects for 2020. Seeking the training of volunteers, the directors of IPMA Brasil are going to act as tutors for each YC according to their expertise. In this way, we promote training and exchange of experience between each participant. In addition, monthly meetings will take place in the so-called Business Café to create integration between members and share ideas. With a dedicated and active team we hope to change the world through project management.”

Young Crew Indonesia

“Young Crew Indonesia is an organization in improving project management quality in Indonesia and able to compete in global level, as our mission is to inform about career opportunities in project, program, and portfolios management, set up the environment for the network and interact with worldwide global Project Management, giving global recognition of achievement in working on project, program and portfolios, also develop competencies in project management, programs, and portfolios. Based on our mission we have a plan for the next few years. The activity is related to the purpose. Starting from 2018 we built for the first time Young Crew Indonesia with the organization structure and our vision and mission. In 2019 Young Crew participated in the seminar. Some outputs related to this event were opening the new insights to stakeholders in Indonesia in policy, business assessment, and development of technology and information systems. Besides being part of the seminar, we built a network in Indonesia and globally. We made a strategic alliance with the Academic Institution, Government, and Private. In 2020 we want to exploit Young Crew Indonesia to make Indonesia YC PM Award and continue our implement programs and socialization as well. In 2021, we plan to become a host for International YC IPMA program implementation and follow IPMA YC PM Award and the last but not least in 2022 we will evaluate what we have done and what we will do for future planning.”

Young Crew Japan (SPMYC)

“On behalf of Young Crew Japan (SPMYC), I first would like to offer my sincere greetings to every YC family around the world. We, the YC Japan steering team that is composed of young project managers from IT companies based in Japan, have been very excitedly awaiting the day when we could become a full member of IPMA YC. As we engage in coworking with each of you, we are very eager to provide an impressive and informative experience about PM and its related topics to members from both your and our organizations. We are beginning to create original events in Japan and participate in the world events of IPMA YC, and these experiences of ours are being handed over to the mind of each passionate young project manager in Japan. The year 2021 will be very special for Japan, as it is for us; that is, this is the year of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. In this memorable year, we are embarking on our bright future. The same year the Society of Project Management (SPM) (that is, IPMA Japan) and YC Japan will host the World Congress and Global Young Crew Workshop in the Tokyo area. We are greatly looking forward to meeting all of the families of IPMA YC in Tokyo. We are grateful to all of the people and for every encounter. See you soon in Tokyo and around the world.”

IPMA Young Crew Morocco

Left to right: Salma Ndour, Ines Hizebry, Bachir Cherrat

“Greetings from Morocco! We’re excited to be part of IPMA YC. Joining IPMA YC gives us the chance to introduce YC activities in universities, access to PM documentation and mentors and exchange with other YCs about PM knowledge and experiences. YC Morocco devotes itself to invest in Moroccan youth and to build a future generation of responsible leaders. TOGETHER, we can create a BETTER WORLD!”