IPMA International Project Management Association

YC Singapore Full Member status – acknowledgments

On behalf of the Project Management Association of Singapore (PMAS) Young Crew (YC) Singapore, we would like to express our warm greetings to the IPMA YC global community. The Singapore Team would like to take this opportunity to thank the IPMA YC and PMAS for their support in helping the YC achieve full member status.

About IPMA YC Singapore
Our Vision
: To empower the youth to manage all projects successfully.
Our Mission: To equip every YC member with the necessary competencies to become successful project managers and leaders.

Our focus for 2020 is:

  • To build a strong foundation to achieve the YC’s vision and mission
  • To enhance credibility, branding and reputation of the PMAS & YC
  • To improve the alignment with the main PMAS and IPMA

From 2020, the PMAS YC have put in place an organizational structure that will help set the foundations for future growth over the next few years. The two main streams are Internal Capabilities and Projects. The main activities for 2020 within each workstream are described below. These activities are expected to continue and expand beyond 2020 and into the near future.

A PMAS social gathering organised by the PMAS YC

Internal Capabilities

  • Membership

We want to retain and grow YC memberships. The main goal is to achieve “critical mass” to allow the PMAS and YC to contribute and support CSR projects. Having sizeable memberships also enable us to conduct more variety of activities to build up our brand and reputation.

  • Coaching

The YC intends to elevate its members to a common level of PM capability through providing coaching around the ICB competencies. This will empower the YC members to lead and deliver successful projects.


  • Awards

The intention is to set up the local awards to recognise and incentivise YC members to embark on projects. This year we will be focusing on the Young Project Manager of the Year award. This will lay the foundations for future awards such as Young Agile Leader and the project excellence awards.

  • Special Interest Group (SIG)

The YC plans to kick start the innovation & change SIG. The intention is to establish focus groups to discuss the impacts and relevance of PM. WE have planned a series of webinars and events to encourage participants in this area.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the PMAS and YC have leveraged on digital platforms to continuously engage public participation in our events. Our latest event, ”Design Thinking for Leaders, Managers and Technopreneurs” was held over Zoom on 7th May with an international audience. We hope to share more success stories and events with wider community in the coming months.

written by: Project Management Association of Singapore (PMAS) Young Crew (YC) Singapore