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We are happy to introduce the Agility and Projects stream of the IPMA 32-nd World Congress!

Agility and Projects
Participants will discuss actual issues of development, transformation and approaches in the management of projects, organizations and business.
Speakers of the stream: Reinhard Wagner and Alexey Polkovnikov

1. Agile project management approaches: current state and trends
Alexey Polkovnikov & Reinhard Wagner
Traditional, agile, hybrid or selective PM? Scaling methods, or the “new kids on the block”? What does all this mean for the strategy, structure, culture, mindset and competences of an organization? Insights into the practice of German Automotive Industry and beyond.

2. Achieving adaptability through PM 4.0 – from projects up to the organizational level
Reinhard Wagner
The statement “one size does not fit them all” is also true for project management. Depending on the situation in the project or a project phase, the right method or tool should be selected and applied. Adaptive organization and PM 4.0 method.

3. STREAM.PM – tailoring project management methodology to projects and organisations
Alexey Polkovnikov
How to develop project management methodology that fit to projects and the organization’s management system? How to increase benefits from projects and decrease project management efforts?

4. Agility – From Vision to Reality in Projects and Organizations. Round Table. Goal and main questions
Understanding WHY a change is necessary, WHAT works well and HOW to adopt agile practices in real life.
Moderated by: Reinhard Wagner, Alexey Polkovnikov.


Reinhard Wagner
Managing director, Tiba Managementberatung GmbH (Germany). 30+ years of experience in performing, managing, consulting and coaching projects and programmes in various industries and roles. Chairman of the IPMA Council of Delegates. Honorary Chairman of the GPM German Project Management. IPMA International Project Management Association (e.g. IPMA Delta, Coaching4Development, IPMA Global Standards);  Author, Blogger and Speaker. Authored and edited more than 35 books in the field of project, programme and portfolio management.

Alexey Polkovnikov
Managing partner, Project PRACTICE Group. 25 years of experience of implementing project management methodologies for different industries, about 800 projects. Chair of the board, Russian project management association SOVNET. Member of IPMA Council of Delegates for about 20 years. National and international IPMA 4CL and DELTA assessor. Chair of the Technical Committee 205 “Project management”, ROSSTANDART. Development of GOST and ISO standards in project management.


Programme overview: https://en.ipma2020.world/program

The main topics of the event:

  • Perspective and context of the projects, programs and portfolios in the digital world: strategies, products, processes, standards, and culture. What is changing? What needs to be changed?
  • Digital transformation of the enterprise, city, state. Key values and crucial success factors for the projects and digital transformation programs;
  • Sustainable development in the digital transformation era. Challenges and perspectives;
  • Application of new digital technologies in project management, artificial intelligence and virtual reality today. How new and old practices together provide value creation;
  • New understanding of the projects’ complexity in the digital world;
  • Successful practices and failures of the last decade. A new look at failed projects: is good failure better than bad success?
  • What are the differences among projects for society, business or state?
  • Project management digital ecosystem. Digital platforms and solutions for project management. Challenges for the project offices in a new reality;
  • Projects in the VUCA-world: changing the mind of the leader and the project team;
  • New approaches in professional development: travel to the profession, regenerative learning, growth environment;
  • Knowledge transfer in project teams and in digital project management;
  • The human factor in project management: psychological health and well-being, prevention of stress and burnout;
  • Global trends and their influence on project management methodology development;
  • “Smart” Project Management: methods and technologies;
  • The convergence of methodologies and knowledge in project management;
  • Successful hybrid approaches to project and programmes management, traditional projects integration, lean, kanban, design thinking, DevOps, etc.;
  • Methodologies and successful application examples of flexible approaches to managing large projects and organizations;
  • Flexible business and flexible organization: different models for a different organization. Successful transformation: ways to create a flexible organization;
  • Application of individual and organizational competencies of flexible management outside of IT: new product development, procurement, marketing and sales, HR.

The discussion will take place in different formats – presentations, master classes, panel discussions, business games and seminars that will be conducted by the world’s leading experts in the project management field.

Read more about the event and register now at ipma2020.world