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Special Interest Groups are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly. Learning is one objective, but there are other objectives – advance the industry, create new standards, develop deliverables that help improve how the industry works, create train-ing, networking with peers, etc.
The Smart Rural SIG influences how technology and agriculture are shaping the modern industrial-agro business.

IPMA Smart Rural SIG is designed to

  • Encourage the understanding and development of Smart Rural approaches and technologies in global projects.
  • Establish a knowledge base on rural innovation and competitiveness, with the participation and exchange among IPMA MA’s.
  • Become a global knowledge network for intelligence for the sustainable rural development exchange.

The objectives of this IPMA SIG

  • Systematize best practices
  • Facilitate the exchange of experiences
  • Promote the creation of national networks
  • Deliver an inclusive and sustainable vision of rurality
  • Discuss the comprehensive use of natural resources
  • Facilitate the exchange and management of knowledge in globally
  • Review and support models for innovation management and territorial competitiveness
  • Promote the usage of predictive agriculture technologies

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