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Upcoming Webinar of IPMA Innovation and Change SIG: The Future of Remote Work: Five Questions for Skip Pettit and Lester Hoffman

What happens after COVID-19? Where are we going with remote work? Companies are shrinking their real estate footprint, Zoom is gearing up for a whole new set of offerings that address post-COVID workplaces. Come explore the future of Remote Work with two incredible futures thinkers. Skip Pettit and Lester Hoffman have been at the forefront of organizational change and innovation for decades. Today, they lead the Modern Workplace Institute, a think tank focused on the next generation of results-making. Join us on January 14 for a sneak peek into their forthcoming book on remote work. Together with IPMA Global SIG Director Tim Jaques, they will discuss the path out of COVID, the next generation of remote work, enhancing corporate innovation through remote resourcing.

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Dr Lester Hoffman
Expert, Trainer, Consultant and Author
Dr Lester Hoffman, PhD and former Faculty Member, Harvard University, is a nationally known expert on Remote Work, Team Collaboration, Unconscious Bias, and Project Management.  Dr Hoffman has a forthcoming book on Remote Work and has written two books on Unconscious Bias and taught over 35 workshops in this field.  He has served as Project Manager/Project Lead on more than 30 projects and presented 50 workshops on Documentation Project Management and Team Collaboration.  His numerous domestic and international clients include Credit Suisse, IBM, AT&T, Mitsubishi, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Deloitte, Lockheed-Martin, Novo Nordisk, Goldman-Sachs, Citibank, Astra-Zeneca, National Cancer Institute, and the US Navy.

Charles (Skip) Pettit, M.Ed., AGS
President, International Training Consortium, Inc.
International Trainer, Consultant, Project Manager & Coach 1993-2020. Lived abroad 9 years in Europe plus military assignments in Asia & Europe. Skip Pettit is a recognized expert on Remote Work, Leadership & Team Building. He is a trainer & speaker in Unconscious Bias. He has trained more than 100,000 professionals in Project Management, modern workplace, Unconscious Bias, and related subjects. Co-authored “Moving Beyond Bias” in 2002. Co-author of the forthcoming “Ultimate Guide to Working Remotely.” Designed & delivered presentations of Unconscious Bias, Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion, Team Building, at world-class organizations such as NIH,  FDA, USDA, EPA,  IPMA 2020, National Science Foundation, US Military, DOE, General Motors, Raytheon, General Dynamics, & Booz Allen Hamilton. Mental Health & Clinical Psychology degrees & 2 Masters Degrees in Counseling.


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