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Upcoming Webinar: Next Gen PM: AI in Project, Program and Portfolio Management

Artificial intelligence is already disrupting industries from healthcare to finance, and project managers must be prepared work with AI specialists, AI technologies and unlearned business teams to support effective implementations. Join Gill Eapen for an engaging webinar as he dives into the world of AI and project management. He will explore the distinctions that AI technologies are driving in projects and how project managers can best prepare for the changing landscape.

Gill Eapen is the founder and CEO of Decision Options ®, a leader in Artificial Intelligence applications in business decision-making. Mr Eapen has over 30 years of experience in strategy, finance, machine learning, artificial intelligence, engineering and general management. Decision Options ® incorporates most of the known machine and deep learning techniques to rapidly create predictive and pattern finding models from any kind of data – structured or unstructured. It also features market- based economic valuation and risk assessment in private assets such as emerging technologies, intellectual property, know-how, facilities, contracts, data, processes, R&D, brand, and access. Mr Eapen is the author of two textbooks. The first book, Decision Options: The Art and Science of Making Decisions, provides the theory and practice of real options in economic valuation and investment decision- making in private assets.

Who Is This For?
AI academicians and specialists looking for practical methods of implementation
Project managers interested in AI implementations.
Business leaders seeking answers on how to advance AI in organizations.
Consultants seeking better approaches to bring to clients.