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Upcoming Webinar by IPMA SIG Smart Cities: Future Cities by Jon Wiliams

The question in all our minds is: how does the future of cities look like, taking into consideration the shocks and stresses we currently experience?

We know that we all aim to implement various technologies to ease the management of daily lives within cities. But, we also wonder what the future holds for these cities. What impact will the current Covid-19 have on cities to ensure livable, workable, and sustainable cities for all to benefit?

IPMA SIG Smart Cities webinar will provide those answers.

Jon Wiliams is working in the public sector with a great focus on Leadership & Management offering Future City solutions to clients across Africa. The development of successful African cities holds the key to the success of our continent. These solutions focus on solving complex problems and building trust. Jon was previously Deputy Finance Director in London Borough of Lambeth, UK.

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