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Upcoming SIG Webinar: Culture Talk – Steps Toward A More Intentional Workplace

Are you struggling with your corporate culture? Can you describe it? Can you change it? Has it improved or experienced challenges during the COVID-19 crisis? Culture exists as a set of ‘unwritten rules’ that impact productivity, profitability, and purpose. It ripples across:

  • Critical functions such as recruiting & retention, leadership & team development
  • Strategic initiatives like mergers or restructuring
  • Employment brand and organizational brand experiences

CultureTalk offers an end-to-end system for measuring the culture of an organization, as well as the strengths of the leaders and teams that drive it. Join Theresa Agresta and Tim Jaques on a journey into corporate and team culture and individual personality through a tool called Culture Talk. Together, they will share a universal human code called Archetypes that unlocks the culture of your team and discuss how individuals and groups can use this code to measure, manage and lead culture.

Theresa Agresta is co-founder and partner at CultureTalk and Allegory Studios. She is a highly effective focus group facilitator and experienced speaker who works to further the goals of executives, professionals and the companies they lead. She quickly uncovers core beliefs and goals, helping clients translate them into action plans for effective change from brand development to professional and leadership development, M&A, recruiting and retention, culture shift, and more. Theresa specializes in developing archetypal profiles that uncover the “unwritten rules of engagement,” enabling companies to create greater impact through their people, brand, products and services.