IPMA International Project Management Association

The Voice of IPMA’s African Member Associations during the COVID19 crisis

IPMA brings together 73 countries around its national Project Management associations. The organisations are diverse, multicultural, have different ways of perception and acting.  However, they have many important things in common: they are proactive, resilient, and prepare for a sustainable future. They share the strong global spirit of IPMA and are united in diversity, today and tomorrow more than ever.
The African member associations would like to share with you the video prepared by them over the last month.  One of their members has joined IPMA in the early 70ies. Others have joined IPMA in recent years. The video is the voice of the representatives of IPMA African Member Associations.
Our colleagues describe how some elements of IPMA global standards and competences apply in their countries. They also address the COVID19 context both now and how they prepare for the challenges to come.

Since the COVID19 context, the African Member Associations started a virtual “Wednesday Tea meeting,” where every Wednesday, the members address achievements, challenges, plans, and exchanges of good practices to learn from each other.

Already more African Project Management associations are knocking at IPMA doors.
We are supporting them in joining the family, step by step.
As we say in Africa: “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
Please join us on our long road!
Let us be together, prepare for a sustainable future of our organisations, and serve our stakeholders in keeping them moving forward.

Amin Saidoun
IPMA Executive Director