IPMA International Project Management Association

The voice of IPMA LATNET during the COVID19 crisis, part 2

We would like to share with you the second video prepared by the IPMA network of Latin AssociationsLATNET, active in IPMA for almost 12 years now. The video is again the voice of the representatives of IPMA LATNET: of different ages, roles, and functions. All of them committed and involved in building a more sustainable society. Our colleagues, from 6 IPMA LATNET countries (Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Spain, Mexico and Peru) describe how the elements of the IPMA Individual Competence Baseline® apply in their countries. After several months that passed since the first video (released in May) they sum up and describe their ways of dealing with Covid-19 crises and challenges.

“This is how we are turning the challenges of a pandemic into an opportunity. It is not just about knowing how to be competent. It is not just about knowing how to do something according to a manual, but about being competent in project management. We are the ones who are responsible for making changes. Change and transformation is the basis of project management. And for that we need project managers.”
Jesus Martinez Almela
IPMA President