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The Time to Become Project Manager is NOW – IPMA is Ready to Certify ONLINE!

For over 50 years IPMA actively creates and promotes the best global standards of becoming Project Managers. Being a professional network that promotes excellence in projects, programmes and portfolios, supporting the development of individual, organisational and project management competences. All these competences are especially needed at this difficult time we are facing now. A time when we must collaborate more closely, addressing the specific challenges and minimising the impact of the crisis.
Below you may find the video message from Joop Schefferlie, IPMA VP Certification – to all Project Managers all over the world.

IPMA is ready to certify fully ONLINE!
This is the time to learn new competencies. Now we are needed – more than ever. Now we all need to get ready for the challenges that will face us after the pandemic. We need to prepare ourselves now for the post-pandemic world. You can now use the opportunity to become Project Managers.
We are ready to help you become Project Manager – NOW.


Please search for your local IPMA Association or contact the IPMA Certification Board in your country.
Get to know more about the possibilities of becoming a project manager NOW.
We are a global organisation that can help to recover the world after the crisis.
We are in this together.
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Become Project Manager and be engaged!
The time is NOW!