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The Future of New: IPMA SIG Innovation and Change Conference 2021

More and more is demanded of projects in 2021. The classic parameters of project success – within scope, on time, on budget – is only one piece of what truly makes project success. Today’s project leaders must also address sustainability, complex business challenges, and the next wave of automation and information technology. The International Project Management Association’s Innovation and Change Conference 2021 brings together leaders from different disciplines to explore key questions around Design Thinking, Portfolios and Creativity.

We are imagining the project of the future, the forces that will shape it, and the tools we will employ. As we look ahead, how can projects be a more perfect catalyst for innovation and change? What sorts of project leaders will survive and thrive in the coming era of perpetual change? How can today’s projects leaders manage transformation? Ultimately, what world do we want to create?

This half-day, virtual conference features three brilliant keynotes to discuss Modern Approaches to Design Thinking, Innovation as Stories: Creativity At Work, Building Innovation and Change Portfolios.

Our panel will bring experts from IPMA Member Associations with case studies of how project teams are spurring innovation from around the world. And you will bring your worldview and experience. Together we will explore the pressing need for driving innovation and leading change.

The Guru

Michael Lewrick

The Disruptor

Susan Reed

The Creative

David Dobkin

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The Future of New at the IPMA SIG Innovation and Change Conference 2021
February 18, 2021 15.00-19.00 CET





Why Attend: The Value Prop
Attending the IPMA SIG Innovation and Change Conference 2021 is a call to action to:

  • Get Inspired. Real-life global experts and innovation leaders will surely get your inner-innovator inspired and ready to tackle new business challenges.
  • Share and Learn. Panel discussions and case studies will give you a chance to dig deep into your own business experience and provide you with new insights.
  • Connect with Peers. It’s not all work and no play – use the time you spend on our conference platform to check out the networking sessions, explore our virtual expo area and connect with your peers.

Who Should Attend
This conference is designed for:

  • Business leaders
  • Executives
  • Project, Portfolio and Programme Managers
  • Innovation experts
  • Product managers and teams
  • Research and development teams

The Program

Time  Speaker  Topic 
15.00-15.10 Mladen Vukomanovic Welcome
15.10-15.30 Tim Jaques Innovation in Projects 2021
15.30-16.15 Keynote: Michael Lewrick Future of Design Thinking
16.15-17.00 Keynote: Susan Reed Innovation Portfolios
17.00-18.00 Panel Discussion Panel and discussion
18.00-18.45 Keynote: David Dobkin Creativity and  Stories
18.45-19.00 Tim Jaques The Call To Action


Conference Organizers
This conference is organized by

IPMA is a federation of about 70 Member Associations (MAs). Our MAs develop project management competences in their geographic areas of influence, interacting with thousands of practitioners and developing relationships with corporations, government agencies, universities and colleges, as well as training organizations and consulting companies.

IPMA-USA is the United States member association of IPMA, the International Project Management Association. IPMA-USA is a US-based not-for-profit professional society dedicated to advancing the project management discipline. Soon after our founding, we aligned with IPMA to help meet our challenging goals. Working with our members and collaborating with other professional associations, we provide the leadership needed for both the professional growth of members and the competent practice of project management.

Join Us! The Future of New at the IPMA SIG Innovation and Change Conference 2021

February 18, 2021 15.00-19.00 CET

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