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The 3rd IPMA Megaprojects Special Interes Group Meeting

IPMA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are an engaging way to get involved in IPMA internationally. We are working across many different countries and time zones to solve some the most important questions facing projects success today.

The Megaprojects SIG investigates human perspective, leadership and decision making, for improving worldwide megaprojects. It is designed to encourage the development of standards, tools, practices, and competencies in megaproject project management as well as support future megaproject-related activities, including the organization of events, advanced courses, the inclusion of streams at the World Congress etc.

This year the IPMA Megaproject SIG meeting will take place in parallel with the IPMA Research Conference 2019 and International Conference on Organization, Technology and Management in Construction. The topic of the 3rd IPMA Megaprojects Special Interes Group Meeting is
“Megaprojects: from people to people”. The event takes place in Zagreb, 4th – 7th September 2019 and it is hosted by Croatian Project Management Association.

Programme of the event

Program Megaprojects cases
DAY 1 Session 1 Decision making on Megaprojects Leman 2030

Croatian Ministry of Construction

DAY 1 Session 2 Critical competences for Megaproject Management European Investment Bank

More TBD

DAY 2 Session 3 Organisational behavior in Megaprojects Rail Baltica

More TBD

DAY 2 Session Design thinking workshop: Trust in Megaprojects Pelješac Bridge


In order to get more information of the event or register, please contact:
Sandra Mišić, SIG Megaprojects coordinatorsandra.misic@ekspertus.hr