IPMA International Project Management Association

The 2nd National Congress of Project Management for Youth, December 19, 2019, Tehran

This 2nd national congress aimed to identify and attract students and graduates interested in the profession of project management throughout the country as well as young professors and professionals. In August, the initial planning for the congress was held. Work breakdown structure mapped and defined tasks assigned to the active members of the Iran Young Crew. This congress was held on December 19, 2019, at the College of Fine Arts which is one of the oldest, largest and most prestigious colleges at the University of Tehran (Iran’s ‘mother university’, it is a government-funded and public institution) with 200 project management young professionals, students and graduates from 8 am to 18 pm. Moreover, we were able to get 2 sponsors for congress.

The Event Timetable
➢ Workshops:
The Art of Thinking Clearly
Talent Identification & Team Building
Business analysis of the professional development path of a project manager
Shall we go to work or not to go to work?
Using Scientometrics and Analysis of Scientific Networks, A New Approach to Performing Research Projects and Writing Scientific Articles

➢ Table Talks:
Introduction to the concept of start-ups and entrepreneurship 2
How is working with startup teams?
Introduction of agile development and product management

➢ Introduction of Young Crew Projects (National + International):
The 1st committee: The Young Project Manager Award (YPMY)
The 2nd committee: The Project Management Championship (iPMC + PMC)
The 3rd committee: The Global eCollaboration Competition (GeCCo)
The 4th committee: The Global Young Crew Workshop (GYCW)

➢ Iran YC Council Nomination & Election:
The election for 7 seats on Iran YC Council was held in the congress hall, between the hours of 12:00 pm and 17:00 pm. A total of 14 candidates were standing across the 7 seats this year. Each candidate has prepared a 2-minute speech. The Council election was held with the participation of the majority of the youth. Moreover, Election was conducted partially online.
The list of winning candidates: Mr. Mohammad Mahoud, Mr. Navid Fathi, Ms. Fereshte Mirhosseini, Mr. Mohammad Amin Ghaderi, Ms. Mahya Mohseni, Ali Ahadi, Mohammadreza Mirhosseini.
The substitute members in the council: Mr. Masoud Rahimi, Mr. Mehdi Dehghani

At the end of the congress, the Chairman of the Iran YC appreciated the speakers and introduced the elected members of the first council election. The Yalda Night celebration was the end of the gathering and all participants took commemorative photos. Yalda is an Iranian celebration of the winter solstice. Every year, on December 21, Iranians around the world celebrate the arrival of winter, the renewal of the sun and the victory of light over darkness on Yalda Night, which is one of the most ancient Persian festivals.

We are proud to announce that at this congress, the invitees were keen on joining the activities of the Iran PMA, Iran YC and its committees, and asked for membership and cooperation with Iran YC. Many PM students’ scientific associations have acknowledged that they want to involve themselves in the upcoming events to get acquainted with all the detailed scheduling activities of Iran YC and introduce them to other students.

In general, the achievements of this congress can be considered in the following ways:

  • Networking and attracting volunteers to Iran YC
  • Develop further the Iran YC
  • Interactive communication with PM universities and students
  • Forming the Iran YC Council

Mohammad Mahoud
Iran Young Crew Leader
IPMA YPMY Jury Member

Farhad Nasrollahpour
Iran PMA Secretary and Member of the Board
Chairman of the Iran YC