IPMA International Project Management Association

Project Management Simulation Workshop

Prendo’s ‘SPATIUM’ simulation provides an intense, risk-free experience of managing a complex project, taught at Chalmers University of Technology, Major Projects Association, UCL and Cranfield University, School of Management.

The “2 years in 6 hours” simulation is used in classroom, online, project start-up and also assessment events.Developed with the Major Projects Association, the simulation brings to life many key themes of advanced project management, including:

  • project success: what is it, and what causes it
  • project complexity and uncertainty
  • the science and “art” of leading projects

Who should attend?

  • anyone working in project environments, including:
  • project & program managers
  • change leaders
  • project team members
  • project sponsors
  • students of project management

Why attend?
Participants gain a number of skills and insights about:

  • the importance of the early stages and the “front-end”
  • how to manage contracts, risk and stakeholders
  • how to define project success and manage for it
  • decision-making & teamwork in a complex scenario

Why simulate?
We learn by doing!

  • Makes learning more fun, efficient and memorable
  • Discovering is more effective than “being told”
  • Experiences are transparent: users see cause and effect
  • Reduces the risk of making mistakes in the real world
  • Provides a chance to apply theory and practise skills
  • Better than just talking (e.g. about case studies)
  • More effective and much more fun than powerpoint!

Date: Friday, Sep 6, 2019
Time: 09:00 – 17:00h
Location: Hotel Westin, Zagreb / Croatia
Price: EUR 110,00 + VAT (25%)


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