IPMA International Project Management Association

Project management as an opportunity for competitive advantage in Colombia

Project management is a transversal discipline for the country’s professionals. The certification in project management granted by the IPMA generates an added value in the professional that certifies the necessary competencies and skills that guarantee the application of good practices, methodologies and standards, reducing the uncertainty and complexity of projects, being fundamental to promoting the development and fulfilment of organisational objectives.

Nowadays, project managers direct business activities towards obtaining products and services with high added value, which is important to boost and maintain the competitiveness of the country’s productive sector, dynamizing the economy in search of new opportunities that promote business improvement and development.

At a business level, the knowledge and skills that a professional acquires in project management provide tools and mechanisms for managing a project, obtaining a differential factor that allows you to identify and develop strategic projects that increase the probability of success and growth of the country’s business sector.

That is why the school of Optimisation, Infrastructure and Automation OPINA of the Politécnico Grancolombiano, in alliance with ADIPRO IPMA Colombia, will hold the International Congress of Project Management and Business Intelligence on 26 and 27 October. This meeting will discuss management skills in business areas and their usefulness in the business world through skills workshops on modern project management, professional development, agile leadership and innovation. In addition, success factors in planning and managing successful and sustainable projects will be discussed.


More information: https://www.poli.edu.co/eventos/congreso-internacional-de-gerencia-de-proyectos-e-inteligencia-de-negocios

Carmelina Rosario Cadenas Anaya
Líder de Investigación de la Escuela de Optimización, Producción, Infraestructura y Automatización. Politécnico Grancolombiano

Jairo Armando Páez Ricardo,
Profesor Tiempo Completo,  Escuela OPINA, Politécnico Grancolombiano