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Project management – 2018: State, Digital Economy, Infrastructure – International Conference, Ulyanovsk, July 3-5, 2018

The International Conference “Project Management – 2018: State, Digital Economy, Infrastructure” will take place on July, 3-5, 2018 in Ulyanovsk (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ulyanovsk_Oblast).

The current stage in the development of Russian society and the economy is characterized by significant changes in approaches to management – at the level of solving particular problems, at the level of particular enterprises, at the level of regional and federal authorities. More attention is paid to project management, which is transforming from a highly tailored professional tool to a common methodological platform for improving management practices on a national scale.

One of the main priorities today is the large-scale introduction and professional use of the project approach when implementing federal, departmental and regional priority projects. In the conditions of increased requirements to the value of ultimate results, the role of professional project management methods increases when implementing major infrastructure and industrial projects.

The overriding priority of the modern Russian economy is its digital transformation. “Digits” provide tremendous opportunities to increase efficiency, both for business and government institutions. However, changing the organization requires serious tension and time, concentration of efforts and managerial talents. Project management is the driver that can dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of these changes.

The issues to discuss at the conference will cover the most significant trends of modern project management: the use of agile management practices, the development of organizational and personal competencies in project management, adoption of specialized management technologies in engineering, construction, public and social projects. The reports on different topics will highlight not only common approaches and methods, but also extensive practices of their employment.

The conference program includes presentations and master classes by leading Russian and world experts in the field of project management. Participants will get acquainted with the best practices of project approaches adoption and projects implementation by meeting with the winners of the “The Best Project of the Year” nomination in the “Project Olympus 2018” contest.

The conference is organized by the Ulyanovsk Region Government represented by the Governor, the Russian Project Management Association SOVNET, the International Project Management Association IPMA, the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation and Ulyanovsk Region Corporate University.

The representatives of the nuclear, aviation, automotive and other industrial clusters of the Volga region, the Russian Federation governmental authorities, constituents of the Russian Federation and business will participate in the conference. More than 200 people are expected to attend the various conference activities.

The business and social parts of the conference program will provide opportunities for efficient networking, discussing professional and business issues, for introducing the best practices and new ideas in project management.

Conference Program


03 July 2018 Hilton Garden Inn Hotel
10.00 – 13.30 The International Conference Plenary session

Openings remarks

S.Morozov, Ulyanovsk region Governor

K.Noskov, Minister of Digital Development and Communications  of the Russian Federation

A.Tovb, President of the Russian Project Management Association SOVNET

M.Sedlmayer, Vice President of the International Project Management Association IPMA

A.Badin, Deputy Director of the Department of Project Activities of the Russian Federation Government – the Russian Federation Government Project Office

H.Tanaka, Founder and first President of PMIJ, coauthor of P2M

Plenary session key notes

M.Sedlmayer, Vice President of the International Project Management Association IPMA: “Innovation with the new IPMA Global Standard ICB4”.

A.Smekalin, Chairman of the Ulyanovsk region Government

R. Albergarias, President IPMA Brazil, Chief Project Manager Smart City Program State Rio de Janeiro: “Smart cities program–State of Rio de  Janeiro”

V.Pastukhov, General Director of the “Russian Technological Agency” – Project Office of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

G.Kocharov, First Deputy General Director of IBS company


15.00 – 18.00 Award ceremony in nomination “The Best Project of the Year 2018” of Project Olympus contest

Presentations of the Project Olympus 2018 finalists in nomination of “The Best Project of the Year”

Awarding ceremony for the Project Olympus 2018 winners in nomination of ” The Best Project of the Year”


04 July 2018 Hilton Garden Inn Hotel


10.00 – 16.20 International Conference Streams

Session 1. Project management in government bodies (Conference Hall)

Bilev O. Evaluation of maturity of project management in regional bodies of the Executive power – lessons learned and best practices

Research and Education Center for Project Management, RANEPA, Russia

Arriaga R. Small & Medium-size Cities in Mexico

GTD Ambiental, Mexico

Lauer G. Austrian experience in implementing project management in public sector

Federal Government Data Center, Austria

Session 2. Industrial and Infrastructure projects (Conference Hall)

Tanaka H. Japanese experience of successful capital and innovation projects

JPMA, Japan

Obradovich Vladimir. The success-stories of Industrial and Infrastructure projects in Europe (To be confirmed)

YUPMA, Serbia

Alenkov V. United Information Space for design and construction of complex engineering objects based on MULTI-D technology

ASE, Russia

Session 3. Digitalization projects in business and the state (Conference Hall)

Muhlner J. Smart Cities – Making a vision real

T – System International, Germany

Raspopov V., Karapuzov A., Slyshkin V. Management of industrial projects in the GIS industry

Industry Development Fund, IBS, Russia

Ding Ranngui. Chinese experience of digitalisation in business and public administration

Shandong University, China

16.40 – 17.40 Round tables and panel discussions

“Winners Club”. Panel discussion “How to make the project of the year?”

Winners of “The Best Project of the Year” award 2013-2017 are sharing the secrets to success (Small Hall 1)

Moderator – Y. Trubitsyn, Vice-President of the Project Management Association SOVNET

Round table “Project management professional standards” (Conference Hall)

Public debate on professional standards “Project Manager”, “Project Administrator” and “Project Specialist”, created in accordance with p.18 of the Action Plan for the Project Activities Development in the Government of the Russian Federation for 2018, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation on January 25, 2018 No.80-p


N. Garkusha, Deputy Director of the Project Management Research and Educational Center, RANEPA

A. Tovb, President of the Project Management Association SOVNET

Round table “Project management in higher education” (Small Hall 2)

Moderator – V. Kiseev, Board Member of the Project Management Association SOVNET

05 July 2018 Autonomous Non-Profit Organization of Further Professional Education (ANO FPE) “Ulyanovsk Region Corporate University”
10.00 – 13.00 Master classes

Model of Project Management Excellence (Room 100)

Moderator – A. Shchetinin, Board Member of the Project Management Association SOVNET

Managing the project stakeholders – from simple to complicated (Room 100)

Moderator – G. Tsipes, Vice-President of the Project Management Association SOVNET, Chief Consultant of IBS

10.00 – 13.00 The Youth Forum

Business game «Formula for success» (Conference Hall)

Moderator – V. Polkovnikov, Board Member of the Project Management Association SOVNET