IPMA International Project Management Association

Photo gallery – IPMA Global Awards Gala, 31st IPMA World Congress, Merida, Mexico

At the 18th IPMA Global Award Gala 2019 held in Merida, the winners of the IPMA Global Project Excellence Awards and IPMA Individual Awards were announced. Project Managers, project teams and organisations from all over the world were called on stage – to receive recognition for their project management successes.

This year’s IPMA Award Gala was organised for the 18th time and hosted over 250 professionals from all over the world to celebrate personal successes, as well as the successes of their project teams and projects. During the event 22 trophies were handed out to the winners in 9 categories.

The IPMA Global Awards are prestigious awards, involving a large group of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers acting as coordinators, trainers, assessors, team lead assessors and judges. The IPMA Global Awards comprises a thorough process in which groups of internationally renowned judges award prizes in different categories to organisations and/or project managers who have achieved outstanding project management results.