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The Norwegian Association of Project Management (NFP) celebrates 50 years

As the main element in the celebration of 50 years, a celebration book which recalls the last 50 years development of Project Management seen through NFP has been made. The book (unfortunately mostly in Norwegian) demonstrate the issues which have been in focus all these years, many of them still valid and still of current interest.

A full day seminar was arranged 14th of June 2018 consisting of both lectures and workshops. The main theme was about “Practical Project management” with elements prior to project start and to the very end with handover to client and implementation of the project. The workshops dealt with the dialog with stakeholders, handling changes and how to realize the benefits of the project. The last workshop had the following title “There are human beings in projects too, and how do we handle them?”

NFP has a fruitful cooperation with The Norwegian Computer Association where we arrange Special Interest Group on different themes together. As a result, there are held common half-day seminars especially about “benefits management”.

The IPMA certification is now handled by Norsk Sertifisering AS as the Certification body. Norsk Sertifisering AS is a well-acknowledged certification organ who handles certification of people from management and safety as well as quality-systems hand health. From January 2018 the certification is being performed according to the ICB4 and is offered in English as well as Norwegian.

With an active board with a broad and diversified collection of professionals, NFP is looking forward to the next 50 prosperous years in contribution to the development of Project Management.

You can read more about the 50 years of NFP in a blog post by Tom Haugstad HERE