IPMA International Project Management Association

News from the International Project Management Championship 2022!

We are pleased to celebrate a recurring event organised by IPMA Young Crew, which is becoming increasingly successful every year. The 2022 edition of the International Project Management Championship IPMC registered 13 countries participants from Europe and Asia, with more than 400 students involved. Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Iran, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Russia and The Netherlands were represented at the International Final of the IPMC 2022.

Through the IPMC, IPMA Young Crew develops young project professionals and actively promotes project management to businesses and organisations at the global level. The International Project Management Championship is a worldwide competition dedicated to students taking on each other’s project management skills and fostering the development of their competences. After a national phase, each country’s winning team is invited to an international final concurring for the title of Global PM Champion. This year the international final was held in Berlin (10-12 of June 2022) and organised in collaboration with the German Member Association GPM. We want to thank GPM for the event’s excellent organisation, the Global PMC core team for all the contribution and work done over the year, and the Jury and our Sponsor STS for their professional support and collaboration.

Students’ teams had the opportunity to participate in an international event and meet in a multicultural and professional context. The simulation on project management they were asked to solve allowed them to test their knowledge of technical and behavioural aspects such as project planning, risk management, motivation of human resources and resourcefulness in presenting their resolution.

Our heartfelt congratulations to all the students’ participants in the final for their outstanding work and passion and special ones to the winning teams on the podium:

  1. Spain (Vincenzo Pedro Cozza, Paula Guijarro Muntaner, Juan Pablo Morales González, Luis Felipe Vanegas Giron)
  2. The Netherlands (Mart Leeman, Mirko Pap, Maya Vollenbrock)
  3. Italy (Luca Alfonso, Paola De Lellis, Biagio Iaconi)


Read the interview with the Spanish team who won the competition HERE, and stay tuned for the next edition!