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News from IPMA LATNET – Colombia

With the participation of more than 430 attendees, including students, professionals and businessmen from Colombia and Latin America, the 5th International Congress on Project Management and Business Intelligence, organized by the Gran Colombiano Polytechnic university institution and the Colombian Association of Project Management, concluded this past weekend.
The event included academic experiences with national and international speakers on topics that highlighted relevant themes with new perspectives, trends and global strategies that strong project management skills.
Preparatory workshops for IPMA International certification in project domain and agile leadership were part of the event; The New master’s degree program in project management based on IPMA ICB 4.0 competences was launched, which will have the support of IPMA COLOMBIA.
This program also includes topics such as individual and organizational skills for innovation projects, sustainability, and agile methodologies.

The Congress also discussed the priority role of women in project and business management, IPMA’s ecosystem of services and products and; the hybrid project management approach that goes beyond agile tools. In addition, the experiences of IPMA Spain and Germany and their link with the academy and the business sector were known.
The experience of the IPMA schemes in European companies was also part of the presentations of the congress program.

We thank Edgar Alberto Barón Poveda, Director of the School of Optimization, Infrastructure and Automation (OPINA), and Carmelina Cadenas, Research Professor and Research Leader of the OPINA School, for the organization and participation by the Polytechnic Gran Colombiano, Carlos Godfrey – President of ADIPRO IPMA, Carlos del Valle and Beatriz Ruiz, members of the Board of Directors of ADIPRO IPMA, and the participation and invaluable support of José Reyes IPMA Vice President of MarComm, Events and Awards. Special thanks to the speakers Jabbar Anglin, Jesús Martinez Almela, Reinhard Wagner, Joel Carboni, Mónica Colín and Julio Mario Rodríguez.