IPMA International Project Management Association

New product for trainers, consultants and PMO’s

IPMA is launching pilots for a new product, the IPMA PEB Professional®.
In the treasury box of IPMA assets, a wonderful gem is hidden. The word goes that this gem is there for only the best projects and programmes in the world. It’s a diamond, only applicable for the best. And most projects and programmes never concern themselves to be the best, so why even take a look?

The gem is called the Project Excellence Baseline®, or PEB®. And yes, it certainly is a gem. It is a wonderful tool which can help organisations and projects to improve their successes. Because it will provide an overview of the state of any project or programme, not only the best ones. It will support organisations to improve their project successes based on the projects it is running. It provides a great common language for improvement of projects. Not just project processes (as many other tools do), but projects!

This gem is available for everyone to use as it is an IPMA standard. And it is available for free. In a newly defined workshop, IPMA global wants to share the thoughts behind the PEB. We strive to help trainers, consultants, PMO’s to apply PEB in their business. To become recognised as a PEB expert, to become part of a global network of other PEB experts, to share experiences, to get access to webinars for this community only.

An international project team has developed and designed a product for MA’s to use and to grow their ecosystem of PEB consultants and trainers. Empowering MA’s to further helping their communities in achieving project and programme success. After a bootstrap training (which is already delivering benefits to participants and MA’s), MA’s are free to develop their own business. Recognised PEB professionals are free to develop their own business. Ensuring the world learns of the existence of this gem. Ensuring that more and more organisations and people are using PEB. Ensuring more and more projects, programmes and organisations are successful in delivering value to their customers, their stakeholders, their people.

The pilot for the bootstrap training will be in January, in Frankfurt, Germany, in English. We still have a limited amount of seats available!
Information can be gathered at https://www.gpm-ipma.de/weiterbildung/projektmanager/seminare_workshops/pm_seminare_termine/detail/ipma_project_excellence_baseline_professional.html

We are running more pilots at the start of 2020, and aim to have a full solution available for all countries and all professionals by the end of 2020.

If you have any questions regarding this product, if you are considering a pilot or implementation yourself, if you as an organisation want to learn more about this product or service, or if you have any related questions, please contact the project manager Peter Coesmans. The PEB can be downloaded for free HERE