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New IPMA standard! IPMA Research Evaluation Baseline (IPMA REB) has been introduced today!

New IPMA standard – IPMA Research Evaluation Baseline (IPMA REB) – was introduced exclusively to the attendees of the Research Award Panel at the 10th IPMA Research Conference in Belgrade, Serbia, on June 20.
The value and impact of the evaluation model in the research were highlighted by Oxana Klimenko, Jose Reyes and Prof. Dr Ding Ronggui, who also moderated the discussion with the IPMA Research Award Winners 2022:

  • Prof. Dr Ralf Müller,
  • Prof. Dr Lavagnon Ika
  • and Dr Danijela Toljaga-Nikolić.

The Award Panel was concluded with the interview with Prof. Dr Lavagnon Ika, who reflected on the usage of the research evaluation model from two different perspectives: in his role as the evaluator, and also as the Research Award Winner 2022.

You can now download the IPMA Research Evaluation Baseline for free: CLICK HERE

You can also order a copy of the IPMA REB standard: CLICK HERE

Read more about IPMA 10th Research Conference: https://www.ipma-research-conference.world/