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Learn more about SMART Cities during the IPMA World Congress, Merida 2019!

The IPMA continues to explore the situation, solutions and examples of smart cities. The Smart City Symposium conducted in Rio de Janeiro on September 5 and 6 focused on social challenges and solutions for Smart Cities. Soon after the event, the first IPMA Insight “Realizing Smart Cities through Professional Project, Program and Portfolio Management” was published.

The Special Interest Group (SIG) of IPMA is developing a Practice Guide for cities, describing how to make use of the professional project, programme and portfolio management for making the vision of Smart Cities real.

The IPMA Smart Cities SIG is designed to:

  • Support the effective use of Smart City tools, technologies and approaches to enhance PM intelligence and creativity through Smart City projects
  • Enhance the creation of a Global Knowledge Platform to share with stakeholders for Smart City
  • Continuously build Smart City standards for projects across the globe

The IPMA Smart City SIG is led by Dr. Daeyeon Cho from the Korean Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA). On the first day of the IPMA World Congress in Merida – Monday, September 30th – Dr. Dae-Yeon Cho will be also presenting his ideas and approach during the Smart Cities presentation panel.

Read more about the program of the IPMA World Congress HERE