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Launching The Innovation and Change Special Interest Group

The International Project Management Association is pleased to announce the launch of the Innovation and Change Special Interest Group. This group is open to all IPMA members and guests (with approval from Global SIG Director).

Why Innovation and Change?
Project managers are at the forefront of innovation and change. Faced with more change than ever, project managers must advance their competencies to address the high speed of product and business development. Most project managers, however, are unprepared to work in an innovation lifecycle and to build user adoption practices.  Often, project managers labour under old skill sets and assumptions, focusing exclusively on scope/schedule/cost, and their efforts lose effectiveness when innovation and change are called for.
More and more, project managers are expected to drive innovation and change with minimal risk to the organization. We are expected to create future states and business models that demonstrate how customers, suppliers, influencers, and other stakeholders will engage in the future state.

To lead innovation projects, project managers must engage in innovation leveraging skills like:

  • Managing innovation lifecycle
  • Creating the Future States that describe new ways of engaging stakeholders
  • Developing supporting business models
  • Driving intentional creativity and ideation in corporate settings
  • Managing mandates and risk in innovation

To anchor the new behaviours, project managers must master organizational change skills like:

  • Assessing the organization across multiple change dimensions
  • Designing engagement strategies that work
  • Building adoption pathways
  • Communicating through adoption metrics

Do these topics make you sit up? Then you may want to join the I&C SIG!

What Will The I&C SIG accomplish?
The Innovation and Change SIG is looking for experts and anyone interested in innovation practices and organizational change management. We are seeking to engage IPMA members in these important practices. We also strive to create a set of open-source tools and practices that can be deployed into a variety of environments to complement project managers skills around the globe.
The Innovation and Change SIG is an opportunity for networking, presenting, skill-building, standards development and more. Our goal is to help advance project management competences for the next generation of projects.

Are you ready?
Join the SIG! ipma.world/SIG