IPMA International Project Management Association

Kathmandu CoD and IPMA meetings and events – CANCELLED

Dear all,
According to our regulations, ExBo convened MA’s delegates and officers for Spring CoD meeting to be held in Kathmandu from 27th to 29th March.
Despite the Covid-19 outbreak mostly located in China and with only one case in Nepal (which recovered), the risk seemed controlled. ExBo followed the evolution of the outbreak very closely, together with our Nepali colleagues. After new outbreaks in Italy, Iran and later on – rapidly around the world (with more than 91.000 people infected and 3.000 dead), we were forced to reconsider the situation. Yesterday we had a virtual meeting with our Nepali colleagues (after the Nepali Government communicated the prohibition of the entrance (no visa) for people from countries with the highest number of infections).
The Nepali government may be forced to take new quarantine measures in the case of an unexpected outbreak in Nepal. The Nepali government yesterday announced the cancellation of important events in the country such as the celebration of Independence Day and any other public events, recommending to avoid meetings or celebrations and preparing the population with anti-outbreak measures.

Faced with this situation and taking into account prevention and safety criteria ExBo decided unanimously (taking in count as well suggestions from our colleagues in Nepal) to CANCEL ALL EVENTS (CSP, CoD, other IPMA meetings including national PMAN event) planned in Kathmandu at the end of this month (March 2020).

This is very sad, but it is the least bad option to guarantee the integrity and health of all of us, and beyond. ExBo is looking for options to have a virtual meeting (type GTM or webinar) to expose and inform you all on the topics on Kathmandu CoD agenda. Items subject to voting will be on the agenda of the following CoD (Saint Petersburg next September).

Let’s keep in touch, please take care of yourself.

With our best regards.
Jesus Martinez Almela, IPMA President
Reinhard Wagner, CoD Chairperson