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IPMA’s Awards Winners Club session 2019 – World Congress in Merida, Mexico

Each year the finalists of IPMA Global Awards take part in the workshops enabling to share experiences and good practices. This exclusive forum for IPMA Global Award Finalists gives a unique opportunity for the exchange of experiences and benchmarking of project excellence.
The idea of Winners Club was successfully launched during the IPMA World Congress in Helsinki, in 2009.

During the 2019 edition of IPMA Global Awards, the event was organised on Sunday, September 29th in Merida, Mexico.
This year’s hosts were:
Pau Lian Staal-Ong – Global Awards Coordinator
Ewa Bednarczyk – Global Awards Manager
Mark Patch – Individual Awards Coordinator

The gathered audience represents 16 countries, with 22 IPMA Global Awards finalists. The first part of the event was based on the presentations of the nominees. All the project videos were prepared by Project Excellence and Individual Award Finalists. The second part of the Winners Club meeting was a workshop of unique formula. The participants could share their experiences and good practices in Project Management based on Project Excellence Model and Individual Competence Baseline.

We are looking forward to seeing all interesting projects at the next IPMA World Congress in St, Petersburg, Russia.To read more about the forthcoming Congress please visit: ipma2020.world

For more details contact: award@ipma.world.